Park Ji Hoon talks his new drama “Weak Hero Class 1”, the loneliness he went through post-Wanna One, and more 

Park Ji Hoon revealed he felt lonely after Wanna One disbanded. 

Park Ji Hoon, who recently made a comeback in Wavve’s original drama “Weak Hero Class 1”, had an interview with Wikitree in Seoul on November 23rd.

park ji hoon weak hero class 1

“Weak Hero Class 1” is an action coming-of-age drama that follows a top 1% model student, Yeon Si Eun (Park Ji Hoon), and his friends, Suho (Choi Hyun Wook) and Beom Seok (Hong Kyung), as they fight against countless violence. Park Ji Hoon’s character Yeon Si Eun uses his brain and tools to develop strategic and original fighting skills to subdue violence inside and outside the school.

Weak Hero Class 1-park-ji-hoon

On this day, when asked if there were any similarities between himself and with Yeon Si Eun, Park Ji Hoon mentioned Wanna One, saying, “I wanted to express Si Eun’s loneliness, so I substituted him for the real Park Ji Hoon.”

Weak Hero Class 1-park-ji-hoon

He continued, “When Wanna One was promoting, there were members who shed blood, sweat and tears together and stayed together longer than family members. Since I parted ways with them and started working as a soloist, I have to solve problems by myself. There are no people for me to openly talk about difficult things with. I actually felt lonely a lot. I think that loneliness is similar to that of Si Eun, the ‘weak hero’. I acted while thinking about that.”

Weak Hero Class 1

Previously, in an interview held on November 22nd, Park Ji Hoon drew attention by honestly revealing that there was no support from Wanna One members for “Weak Hero Class 1”.  

When asked if he received a call from Wanna One members after that interview, Park Ji Hoon said, “There hasn’t been one since yesterday. I can’t say I got a call when I haven’t got any,” drawing laughter. At the same time, he smiled and added, “Rather than cheering each other on KakaoTalk or phone, we support each other even without talking, just like in the past.”

Source: Wikitree.

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