Shin Ae Ra reveals the story of her son being bullied at school for having celebrity parents

Actress Shin Ae Ra confessed that her eldest son was a school violence victim.

On August 25th, Shin Ae Ra appeared on the YouTube content “Oh Eun Young’s Bucket List” and shared various stories.

When talking about her children, Shin Ae Ra recalled the school violence incident her son suffered. She confessed, “My son is very soft-hearted. However, he used to be bullied at school for having celebrity parents”.

Shin Ae-ra

She continued, “A child kicked my son on his chest when he was walking on the stars, asked him to give money, and even put his socks and underwear in the toilet. My blood boiled and I felt so angry upon hearing such stories”.

Shin Ae Ra drew attention as she also showed extraordinary affection for her two adopted daughters. Oh Eun Young said, “They really look like you. The more you spend time together, the more you resemble each other”. Shin Ae smiled and responded, “That’s right.”

Shin Ae-ra

Revealing that her two daughters have been volunteering at a nursery camp ever since they were adopted, the actress shared, “I feel heartbroken every time I go there. My daughters said, ‘Mom, it would be so nice if they could be adopted like us’. Watching my daughters, I wonder what would happen to them if they hadn’t been adopted. They are really amazing.”

On a broadcast in the past, Shin Ae Ra once said, “I really like children”, adding “I wanted to have many children and adopt some”.

Shin Ae-ra

Regarding the reason she publicized the adoption, the actress said, “If you can keep it a secret, it’s better not to tell anyone. However, I think when the kids discover the truth, the shock of being the main character of a secret would be more severe to them than the shock of knowing that they are not their parents’ biological children”, adding “I adopted them publicly because I believe that it would be better to for my children to naturally accept it from their young age.”

Meanwhile, Shin Ae Ra married actor Cha In Pyo in 1995 and has two sons and two daughters.

Source: Wikitree

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