This actress has her legs insured for 450.000 USD

Yura is best known as a member of KPOP girl group Girl’s Day. In recent years, she has also been recognized as a promising actress.

According to SCMP, Yura (a former member of Girl’s Day) left a great impression on drama fans after playing Hye Rin in Now, We Are Breaking Up. Many viewers said that Yura’s appearance contributed a lot to the success of this TV series and raised expectations for her performances in the future.

Yura was recently confirmed to be cast in the drama “Forecasting Love and Weather”, starring Park Min Young and Song Kang. In this work, she will take on the role of a weather reporter for a daily newspaper.

In an interview with Soompi, Yura shared, “Many young people dream of success and hope for a stable life but end up encountering numerous the harsh reality that prevents them from doing what they want to. This is what I want to express through my role this time”.

Yura legs insurance
Yura (real name: Kim Ah Young) is a former member of girl group Girl’s Day 

Searching for opportunities for herself

Yura was born in 1992 in Ulsan, Korea. During the time she was studying at Ulsan Arts High School, Yura decided to become a singer and began to pursue her dream. At that time, Yura often posted her photos on the SNS site Cyworld with the hope of finding an entertainment company for herself.

Thanks to her appearance, Yura became a famous “ulzzang” – a word to refer to a person who has outstanding beauty and is targeted by many entertainment agencies.

According to SCMP, Yura received calls from about 60 companies, including Dream T Entertainment – the company that brought her the chance to debut as a member of Girl’s Day in 2010 even before she graduated from high school. 

Bought insurance for her legs 

Besides having a pretty face, Yura is also known for her outstanding long legs. She even got herself leg insurance for $450,000 at the time she joined Dream T Entertainment

“Yura’s legs are really long and flawless. So she signed up for leg insurance in case something bad happens,” said a representative of Dream T Entertainment.

Yura is also known for her eye-catching fashion. She enjoys a chic style, casual but still attractive. In an interview with Legend, Yura said that she often changes a few small details on her outfits to make them more unique and exciting. She emphasized that everyone needs to pick a style that suits them well. That is how she defines fashion. 

Yura legs insurance
Yura bought insurance for her surreal legs

Wanting to do the action genre 

After many years of working as an idol singer, at the age of 20, Yura kicked off her acting career with a role in the Chinese TV series Secret Angel. After that, she continued to star in many other dramas such as a cute and bubbly character in season 3 of the sitcom Reckless Family (2013), the lively young girl in Be Arrogant (2014), the teacher in the Hip Hop Teacher (2017), the actress who strives for fame at all costs in Radio Romance (2018).

Yura is always looking for new opportunities for herself. Typically, she longs to be cast in a character that is contrary to her real-life self in an action drama or movie. “Most of the roles I’ve done have been celebrities, or bright and outgoing girls. I want to try portraying more introverted characters or taking on a role in an action film,” Yura said.  

Yura’s idol is EXO. She even had EXO socks, according to KPopping. Last year, Yura expressed her joy when having the opportunity to work with EXO’s maknae Sehun in “Now, We are breaking up”.

Yura legs insurance
Yura is a fan of EXO. 

Currently, Girl’s Day members are focusing on individual activities. Yura said that she misses performing on stage. She once had a dream that she could sing and dance everywhere with her members. “After the dream, I texted other members. I told them about my wish. I feel like everything just happened yesterday,” Yura said.

Talking to the KPop Herald, Yura revealed that she and other Girl’s Day members are still looking for a suitable song to have a comeback together like the good old days. “When we find the right song, we are still willing to stand on the stage again,” she said.

Yura legs insurance
Girl’s Day 


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