YG’s boygroup TREASURE drops teaser video for their 500-million-won music video “JIKJIN”

YG Entertainment recently unveiled the very first teaser video for the music video of TREASURE’s comeback song “JIKJIN”.

The M/V teaser for the title song “JIKJIN” of YG’s most crowded boygroup TREASURE was released on Feb 12th, capturing the eyes and ears of global fans. Although the teaser video is only 26 seconds long, it contains the chorus part and point choreographies of TREASURE’s title song “JIKJIN”.

TREASURE already showed off their explosive energy from the beginning of the teaser video. The members then drew attention as they were shown running on the road with colorful supercars. With the thrilling feels from their relentless race, TREASURE members Yoshi, Asahi, Bang Ye-dam, Doyoung, Junkyu, and So Jung-hwan appeared one after another and hyped the atmosphere up to the fullest.

JIKJIN MV teaser

Known as the “drift dance”, the point choreography of “JIKJIN” includes the movements of moving forward and turning the handle, leaving a strong impression on fans. Moreover, TREASURE’s free-spirited gestures with their hip-hop swag and perfect group dance formation heralded a more colorful and spectacular stage of TREASURE.

JIKJIN MV teaser

TREASURE’s passion was compressed in the chorus of “JIKJIN” as you can see in the music video teaser. On top of the danceable and addictive beat, energetic lyrics such as “Go straight” and “Pedal to the metal” left a strong impression on viewers, raising fans’ curiosity and expectations for the song’s complete version.

JIKJIN MV teaser

The music video for “JIKJIN” is highly anticipated as YG Entertainment was reported to have invested more than 500 million won in it. This is the point where you can get a glimpse of YG’s affection and support for TREASURE, which will be the agency’s first runner in 2022.

JIKJIN MV teaser

TREASURE’s new album “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE” will be released at 6 p.m. on Feb 15th. Two hours earlier, the group is scheduled to meet fans through “Countdown Live” which will be broadcast live on YouTube. They will also hold the first concert since their debut at the Seoul Olympic Hall for 2 days on Apr 9th and 10th.

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