Experts select Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists (ft. BLACKPINK’s Lisa, TWICE’s Momo, and more) 

Here is the list of 10 most outstanding female dancers in Kpop, as voted by experts.

Kpop is already in its 4th generation with the strong rise of many talented idol groups. In each generation, there are always female idols who stand out with top-notch dancing skills and are acknowledged as the industry’s best dancers. 

Of course, there is competition among the most excellent idol dancers. A can be better than B in terms of technique, but is outranked by C when it comes to fluidity or the ability to feel the music. These seemingly small differences have become the premise for Kpop fans to constantly compare female Kpop dancers with each other.

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists
Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists
… and ITZY are girlgroups known for their great dance skills 

Recently, setting aside subjective opinions of the viewers or the media channels, professionals have personally ranked the 10 best female dancers in Kpop based on a 10-point scale. The top 10 includes many familiar faces from all 4 generations of Kpop.

10th place: BoA – 9.13 points

BoA is a veteran idol singer from SM who laid the foundation for the first generation of Kpop. BoA is well-known for having both strong vocals and amazing dance skills. BoA’s dancing has become the standard for the latter generations of idols. However, according to experts, fluidity is not BoA’s strength, so she only came in 10th place on the ranking.

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists

7th place: Yeji (ITZY) – 9.38 points

ITZY’s Yeji is considered a top performer of Kpop 4th generation thanks to her outstanding dance skills and stage presence. Professionals gave Yeji 10 points for technique, and appreciated her astounding energy on stage. But in terms of musicality and flexibility, Yeji still needs to improve.

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists

7th place: HyunA – 9.38 points

The “sexy symbol” of Kpop 3rd generation of course cannot be absent from the ranking of the most talented female dancers. Every time she steps on stage, HyunA takes the spotlight thanks to her overflowing charm that easily overshadows others. Experts evaluate that HyunA pulls off technique, musicality and fluidity, but her weakness is that sometimes she still lacks energy in her dance moves.

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists

7th place: Hyoyeon (SNSD) – 9.38 points

Hyoyeon is not only the main dancer of SNSD but also one of the most prominent female dancers in Kpop. With her gifted talent and tough training at SM, Hyoyeon‘s dance performances never disappoint. However, like HyunA, professionals give Hyoyeon’s energy a lower point than other criteria. 

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists

6th place: Momo (TWICE) – 9.44 points

When it comes to the best female dancers of Kpop 3rd generation, Momo cannot be excluded. Her excellent dancing skills were the reason why JYP decided to break the rules and give her a chance to debut in TWICE after she was eliminated early in the survival show SIXTEEN. Compared to her seniors in this list, Momo gets a lower point for her technique, but in return, she has fairly balanced points across musicality, flexibility and energy. 

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists

5th place: Seungyeon (CLC) – 9.63 points

Despite the fact that many netizens knew Seungyeon as one of Kpop’s best dancing female idols, the fact that she beat over more well-known names like Momo (TWICE), HyunA, and Hyoyeon (SNSD) nevertheless shocked many. Perhaps Seungyeon is a typical case of Kpop’s “reputation not linked with talent.” Experts gave her a perfect score in every category, with the exception of movement flexibility.

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists

4th place: Chungha – 9.69 points

Since her first solo dance on the reality show Produce 101, Chungha‘s ability has wowed Kpop fans. Chungha has maintained her fame even after making her official debut with IOI and eventually a re-debuting solo. She is one of the few female idols whose dancing abilities are comparable to those of professional dancers. Chungha, like Seungyeon, received a nearly perfect score. Chungha, on the other hand, needs to exude more energy on stage, according to the expert.

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists

3rd place: Chaeyeon (former IZ*ONE member) – 9.75 points

Chaeyeon‘s unfortunate failure at SIXTEEN offered a new opportunity for her, as she debuted with IZ*ONE members. Although the female idol is regarded as the best dancer in the idol world, she still finds it difficult to compete with professional dancers outside of the entertainment industry. Chaeyeon is virtually ideal in terms of musicality and stage energy, according to experts. However, the former IZ*ONE member still needs more training in terms of technique and flexibility.

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists

1st place: Hyorin (former SISTAR member) – 10 points

The name Hyorin is the most surprising on the list. Hyorin not only beat off a slew of female idols known for their dance abilities in the entertainment industry, but she also took home the top spot with an expert’s perfect score. According to a professional dancer, the former SISTAR member’s dancing style is sexy and daring. Furthermore, Hyorin’s self-assurance while performing is a significant asset that has helped her beat many formidable opponents on her way to the top.

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists
HYOLYN – Layin’ Low (feat. Jooyoung) Dance Practice

1st place: Lisa (BLACKPINK) – 10 points

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is tied for first place with Hyorin. Experts say the Thai female idol is perfect for every dance type, from hip hop to feminine and sexy. Lisa, in particular, has the capacity to turn difficult techniques into gentle and elegant ones. Furthermore, Lisa’s advantage of long arms and legs is a key aspect in making her performances more flexible and appealing.

Top 10 best dancers among Kpop female artists
​​LILI’s FILM #4 – LISA Dance Performance Video

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