A scene in HyunA and her boyfriend’s new MV sparks controversy: Obscene or sexy?

HyunA has long been famous for her sexy concept, but the sensitive scene in the female idol’s latest MV in collaboration with her boyfriend is involved in a controversy.

Recently, HyunA and DAWN released the PING PONG – MV, the couple’s first collaboration song since their departure from CUBE Entertainment. The female idol and her boyfriend gain attention thanks to their outstanding visuals. Both are not afraid to display affectionate gestures. However, the MV sparks great controversy because of a scene where HyunA sticks her tongue out and licks the blue beads with steamy and provocative eyes.

A scene in HyunA and her boyfriend’s new MV sparks controversy: Obscene or sexy?

HyunA has long been famous for her sexy and rebellious image. However, the scene where she licks the bead chain still shocks many netizens and causes her to face criticism. Some netizens think that this scene is sexually explicit, offensive and inappropriate in the Asian culture.

On the other hand, many netizens left comments to defend HyunA, saying that this sensitive scene looks aesthetic, showcasing the freedom and sexiness of the former 4Minute’s member. According to HyunA‘s fans, there are many scenes in the MVs of Western artists that are even hotter and more sexually explicit, such as Cardi B‘s WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion). However, they are still well received, so there is no reason for HyunA to be criticized.

However, not everyone agrees with this opinion. Some people think that many US-UK MVs with 18+ scenes are still controversial, but not fully accepted. Moreover, HyunA is a Kpop idol, so she needs to restrain her actions, especially when the MV ‘PING PONG‘ is not labeled with age classification and can be watched by many young viewers.

Netizens commented:

– It looks offensive but not sexy at all.

– This is so offensive.

– Maybe because I’m too young, I find it offensive.

– The US-UK side is also full of hate but why do people talk as if the US-UK side is fully supported and Kpop is criticized for being so offensive. Besides, everyone has different feelings, so don’t call this person’s eyes obscene.

– This scene is also normal but not so bad. Knowing that HyunA is sexy, you should know that the MV will also have sexy scenes of all kinds.

– You watch WAP praise and sing along but watch sexy K-pop MVs and then said it offensive :))) 

-You guys don’t act like HyunA in this style. The MV I think is a bit colorful but it’s still good, both HyunA and DAWN honestly did their part well, and the song is good and catchy.

This is not the first time HyunA shocked the audience when filming MV. The MV ‘Lip & Hip‘ released by the female idol in 2017 has many scenes that make viewers blush, she is so daring that she sticks out her tongue to lick her hands and lifts her boobs when performing this song on stage. Through the latest music product in collaboration with her boyfriend, HyunA continues to show her loyalty to the sexy and rebellious concept and once again creates controversy about the thin line between sexy and objectionable.


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