44-Year-Old Gong Yoo Stuns with Toned Back Muscles and Wide Shoulders 

Gong Yoo captivated fans’ hearts with his firm figure at the swimming pool.

On May 11th, Gong Yoo revealed his recent whereabouts, enjoying a vacation in a luxurious pool villa filled with palm trees that looked like Southeast Asia.

In the video shared by Gong Yoo, he is seen wearing only swimming trunks, exposing his upper body, and diving 360 degrees into the pool.


In particular, when Gong Yoo raised his arms, his wide shoulders and perfectly toned back muscles caught the attention. Despite having taken a break from activities for a while, Gong Yoo consistently exercises and takes care of himself.

Recently, Gong Yoo also revealed a salad consisting of chicken breast, mushrooms, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes, showcasing his strict dietary management in his daily life.

Gong Yoo’s latest comeback to the screen was in Netflix’s original series ‘The Silent Sea’ last year. He is still considering his next project.

Source: nate.

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