The warm and affectionate Queen Kim Hye-soo in the first teaser of “The Queen’s Umbrella”

This fall, Kim Hye-soo is here to show viewers a magnificent motherly love.

On September 5th, the first teaser for tvN’s new drama “The Queen’s Umbrella” (scripted by Park Ba-ra/directed by Kim Hyung-sik), which will be premiered in October, has been released.

The Korean title “Shurup” is an old word for umbrella. The drama depicts the turbulent royal struggle of a Royal Queen, who abandoned her dignity and jumped into a fierce royal education war for her troublemaker sons. Actress Kim Hye-soo plays the role of Queen Hwa-ryeong.

In particular, through the two previously released teaser posters, the meaning of “The Queen’s Umbrella” and the character Hwaryeong have been introduced. Kim Hye-soo got all eyes on her at once, raising the expectation for the drama by giving off the charm of a mother and the character Queen Hwaryeong, who is willing to do anything to prevent any hardships and trials for the sake of her children.

The first teaser video released this time can be seen as a vivid video version of the teaser poster that became a hot topic. The smile of Queen Hwaryeong, who shines brightly amid the raindrops falling under the eaves of the palace, attracts attention.

Her warm gaze directed at the young child then makes viewers feel deep and wide heart of a mother. The wide-open umbrella not only completely covers the young child, but also covers the ground to prevent it from getting wet.

From the gentle smile and the affectionate gaze that she gives to her child, to the umbrella that tilts toward the little boy even when her shoulders get wet, each and every detail contained describes the love and sacrifice that Queen Hwaryeong will make as a mother, fulfilling viewers’ heart.

Indeed, fans are becoming more and more curious about how Queen Hwaryeong’s umbrella will fight the rain and wind of the cruel palace and how Kim Hye-soo will portray this character.

Source: daum

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