Lisa (BLACKPINK) sent out an informal apology to fans for not being able to do a dance routine due to a neck strain 

The famous BLACKPINK dancer had to apologize to fans for a health issue. 

blackpink lisa pant
Lisa had a strain in her neck area that inhibited her from performing the pole dance routine in Barcelona 

After wrapping up their concert in London, BLACKPINK continued their “BORN PINK” world tour in Barcelona, Spain. However, on December 6th, Lisa posted an Instagram story to share about her current health issue. 

blackpink lisa
Lisa’s status update on her Instagram story 

According to the agenda, Lisa was supposed to perform two stages, “Money” and “LALISA” along with a pole dancing section. However, her neck strain prevented her from doing the pole dance performance. 

Lisa’s full remark on Instagram: 

To: Barcelona blinks

First off all thank you for coming tonight

I’m sorry for worrying you guys with my neck strain, which is why I decided not to do the pole dance section. I know our blinks might have been looking forward to seeing the pole dance portion. And just want to let you guys know that I am now feeling much better thanks to all of my blinks!

Source: k14

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