The SoonYang family of “Reborn Rich” amazed viewers with the cast’s educational background

While JTBC’s Friday-Saturday-Sunday drama “Reborn Rich” is enjoying great popularity, the academic background of its actors is also drawing attention.

Recently, in the online community, a post titled “Unexpected academic background of actors appearing in the drama ‘Reborn Rich'” is attracting netizens’ attention. This post points out that most of the actors in “Reborn Rich” are highly educated and graduated from prestigious schools.

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In particular, attention is drawn to the fact that actors who didn’t major in acting are mostly from prestigious universities. First, the lead actor Song Joong Ki graduated from Sungkyunkwan University’s Department of Business Administration. As he plays the role of the youngest son of the Soon Yang family, Jin Do Joon, his Business Administration degree at Sungkyunkwan stands out.

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Only the youngest, Jin Do Joon, studied at Seoul National University in the drama, but in reality, there are two more. Actress Kim Shin Rok, who plays the daughter Jin Hwa Young of the founder of Soon Yang Jin Yang Chul, is a graduate of Seoul National University’s Geography Department while actor Huh Jung Do, who plays Kim Ju Ryun, the secretary of Soon Yang Group, is a graduate of Seoul National University’s Philosophy Department.

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Actresses who formed a strange love triangle with Jin Do Joon also boast of their highly educated background. Actress Shin Hyun Been, who plays the role of prosecutor Seo Min Young, the Grim Reaper of Soon Yang, is an art history major of the Korea National University of Arts. Actress Park Ji Hyun, who plays the role of Mo Hyun Min, the eldest daughter of the owner of the Hyunseong Ilbo, is from the Spanish Department of Hankuk University of Foreign Languages and currently taking a leave of absence from school.

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There are also alumni who graduated from Chung Ang University’s Department of Newspaper and Broadcasting performing in “Reborn Rich.” Actor Kim Young Jae, who plays Jin Yoon Ki, Jin Yang Chul’s third son, and actor Jung Hee Tae, who plays Jin Yang Chul’s right arm Lee Hang Jae, graduated from Chung Ang University side by side.

Netizens are surprised that the actors in “Reborn Rich” have such extraordinary academic backgrounds. They commented, “The only business major is Song Joong Ki. I acknowledge him as Soon Yang’s successor,” “They are different because they are from a conglomerate family,” “Everyone can see the high education on their faces,” “This is a real royal family,” “The daughter Jin Hwa Young is from Seoul National University, she should be the Soon Yang’s successor,” and “They should put in a scene where Mo Hyun Min speaks Spanish.”

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Meanwhile, “Reborn Rich” recently recorded 19.4% (provided by Nielsen Korea, national standards) on its 8th episode, and is breaking its own record every day.

Source: Sports Chosun

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