HOOK’s unfair treatment: Go Hyun Jung ordered food from Chinese restaurant, Lee Seung Gi only had snacks and triangular kimbap

As the festering wound burst, CEO Kwon Jin Young’s past behaviors towards Lee Seung Gi are flowing out like a flood.

Today, there was a shocking testimony that even if Lee Seung Gi earned millions of won from an event, his allowed operating expenses were only 150,000 won a week.

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While Lee Seung Gi sent a certification of contents to his agency HOOK Entertainment asking for transparent disclosure of payment, on Dec 6th, Dispatch revealed HOOK’s unfair treatment towards Lee Seung Gi through an interview with an employee who worked at HOOK Entertainment in the past.

According to Dispatch, Lee Seung Gi, his manager and his coordinator received only 150,000 won a week for food and other expenses when he appeared in “Nonstop 5” in the past. When being called by Kwon Jin Young and HOOK Entertainment, he often ran late at night to sing at karaoke.

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Former manager A also revealed that Lee Seung Gi was discriminated against by HOOK in terms of operating expenses. For example, in 2004, actress Go Hyun Jung, who was in the same agency at that time, ordered several dishes from a Chinese restaurant to eat, while Lee Seung Gi’s team only had snacks and triangular kimbap.

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Lee Seung Gi’s sales were not like that of any other artist. At that time, Lee Seung Gi received an event appearance fee of around 7~10 million won per performance based on the local event criteria, and there were times when he even performed 2 or 3 events a day. Nevertheless, A claimed that Lee Seung Gi ate his meal at the rest area or inside the car due to lack of expenses. Although Lee Seung Gi couldn’t buy coffee from famous brands, he paid for himself and all his staff using his personal card, not a corporate card.

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Regarding the recording of CEO Kwon Jin Young’s abusive remarks released by Dispatch, A said, “It already happened 20 years ago”, adding “Whatever Lee Seung Gi said, the CEO responded, ‘Seung Gi ah, you can’t do it because you’re like that’”, giving a testimony about CEO Kwon’s gaslighting. A continued to reveal that Lee Seung Gi did not have a cell phone until “Nonstop 5”. 

Even until recently, the CEO still monitored Lee Seung Gi, from the cost of the sandwiches he bought to the amount he spent on parking. CEO Kwon even ordered Lee Seung Gi’s manager, “Induce him to use his personal card”. CEO Kwon, who has constantly tried to save the expenses for Lee Seung Gi’s activities, reportedly used HOOK’s corporate card to pay up to 80 million won for HOOK executives. She bought luxury goods, game money, and gold. 

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In response, the National Tax Service said they would take necessary procedures regarding CEO Kwon and HOOK’s misuse of corporate expenses if tax evasion is confirmed through the disclosure of expense details and evidence.

Meanwhile, CEO Kwon said on November 30th, “I will take full responsibility for the dispute with Lee Seung Gi and dispose of my personal property without avoiding the responsibility I have to take.”

Source: Nate

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