Other than Lisa, Momo, Chungha, this gen 4 female Kpop idol was selected as a top dancer by SNSD Hyoyeon

“Dancing Queen” Hyoyeon was asked who’s her favorite female dancer in a Kpop girl group. 

In a recent radio appearance, SNSD’s main dancer Hyoyeon, who has earned the title of “Kpop’s dancing skills” thanks to her overwhelming stage presence and sharp movements, was asked to select her most favorite female dancer in Kpop group. 

Regarding this question, Hyoyeon listed the former IOI member and soloist Chungha, TWICE’s Momo, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and aespa’s Karina

“There’s a lot of people I believe to be top dancers in Kpop girl groups”, the female idol said, adding “Chungha has a gorgeous yet extremely strong bodyline, Momo is just as outstanding, while Lisa boasts sharp and strong movements. aespa Karina, too.”

Previously in past radio programs and VLIVE, Hyoyeon also mentioned Lisa, Momo, and Chungha as the best female Kpop idol dancers, and shower the three in countless praises. Karina seems to be a new addition after the debut of aespa. 

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