Noze Talked About Getting Burnout After “Street Woman Fighter”, “I Overcame It Thanks To Reading”

Dancer Noze revealed how she overcame burnout

On October 1st, the YouTube channel “Diva Gabee Girl” uploaded a new video titled “noze, Leejung’s American Audition Story”.

Noze confessed, “The burnout period came right after ‘Street Woman Fighter’ ended, when we were the busiest. It was the happiest time and also the time I appreciated the most, but I felt like I was losing myself”. She continued, “I started living independently and made plans by myself. After trying to live a life decided by others, I gradually lost my independence. So recently, I thought about making a memory that I would like so much”.

The female dancer shared, “In fact, it’s not easy to do things wisely when we get a burnout. Don’t we often have priorities? I thought it would be better to step back a little and do what I like the most.”

Revealing that she overcame burnout by reading, Noze said, “Reading books made me feel comforted a lot. I read more than 10 books a month”. Referring to Noze, Lee Jung added, “She really read a lot of books”. Noze continued, “I like going to places alone. But I didn’t have any opportunities to do that”. Hearing that, Gabee expressed her sympathy, saying “That peaceful life was so far away. I was so busy that my body weakened”.

Meanwhile, Noze gained huge attention with her outstanding beauty and amazing dance skills when appearing on Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter”. However, she suspended her activities temporarily last year due to an advertisement power trip controversy.

Source: Nate

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