“Waterbomb Goddess” Kwon Eunbi aims to become a Summer Queen with “The Flash”

Singer Kwon Eunbi returns with "The Flash".

Kwon Eunbi’s first single “The Flash” release showcase was held at Blue Square, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on August 2nd.

“The Flash”, which will be released at 6 PM on the same day, contains 3 songs in various genres that can make listeners feel the intense yet refreshing charm to calm the summer heat. The title song of the same name, “The Flash”, is a pop dance song with the motif of the mythical character “Persephone”. It reinterprets the keyword “choice” of free will in a modern way.

Regarding her new release, Kwon Eunbi expressed her feelings, “I’m nervous as I’m releasing an album after 10 months“, adding, “I try to show a new attempt for each album. This time, I also tried to present 3 tracks in various genres. I prepared songs suitable for summer.”

Regarding the title song, she said, “It’s an exciting pop dance song that reinterprets a mythical character and expresses the moment of falling for each other like a game. ‘Underwater’, which was released around fall last year, saw a resurgence and was loved again this summer, so I was amazed and grateful. On the other hand, it was a pity that ‘Underwater’ would have felt more refreshing if it came out in the summer. So this time, I released songs to calm the summer heat.”

Above all, as Kwon Eunbi has recently been reborn as “Waterbomb Goddess” through the stage of the water festival “Waterbomb”, she now aims for the “Summer Queen” position by releasing summer songs.

As for the title “Waterbomb Goddess”, Kwon Eunbi said, “I’m spending every day grateful that people around me talk about me and like me a lot. I want to describe this promotion in 3 words: ‘Hot Summer, Hot Eunbi, Let’s Go’. This time, I want to get the title ‘Summer means Kwon Eunbi’ and ‘Summer Eunbi’.

Kwon Eunbi, who was a member of girl group IZ*ONE, a project group from the Mnet survival show “Produce 48”, is continuing her career as a solo artist.

Marking her 2nd debut anniversary as a solo artist this year, she confessed, “I grew while learning from solo activities. I still have a lot to learn, so it’s new every time I release an album. I think various colors are my strength. I’ll show a variety of music with new attempts for each album.”

Source: Daum

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