TEMPEST’s debut trailer is accused of plagiarizing TREASURE’s concept

TEMPEST’s upcoming debut is currently a topic of special interest to fans. After many years, Vietnamese-born trainee, Hanbin has managed to debut as an idol under the big company Yuehua Entertainment Korea. 

TEMPEST’s debut attracted the attention of K-pop fans. 

On January 21th evening, Yuehua officially released the debut trailer of TEMPEST on YouTube. In the clip, 7 members of the group appear handsome and cool, making many fans fall in love. However, the fans did not rejoice for long when this debut trailer was accused of plagiarizing many scenes in the debut concept of senior TREASURE.

Specifically, in the debut trailer of member Hyuk (TEMPEST), he plays the role of a researcher. This image reminds many people of Asahi (TREASURE). During the debut, Asahi also played the same character. Notably, the scenes, camera angles and even the rings of Hyuk and Asahi are strangely similar.

Hyuk and Asahi’s finger rings are similar in the debut trailer. 
Similar scenes of the two male idols. 
The first images of Hanbin in the personal trailer.

Not only Hyuk, the debut trailer of Hanbin (TEMPEST) was also accused of plagiarizing Haruto (TREASURE)‘s scene in the “BOY” MV, especially the blue swimming pool with the diving board. At the end, Hanbin also made the jumping move into the pool like Haruto did.

Taerae’s glowing globe is accused of copying Yedam. 

The video of Taerae (TEMPEST) was also criticized by many netizens for copying the idea of ​​a glowing globe in the debut concept of Yedam (TREASURE). In addition, the image of Lew (TEMPEST) sitting and playing the drum is similar to the scene of Hyunsuk (TREASURE).

Lew and Hyunsuk’s identical drumming segment.

The suspicious coincidences in TEMPEST’s debut trailer with TREASURE’s products have aroused many controversies. Some fans believe that Yuehua Entertainment intentionally did this just for clout. Not to mention that TREASURE will make a comeback on February 15th, while TEMPEST will debut 6 days later on February 21st.

  • I hope you still support the group, the fault is on the company’s side.
  • Honestly, this is all because of TEMPEST’s company, the group hasn’t debuted and the company still does that, there’s nothing to say.
  • Don’t crush YG, it’s too harsh, go find your own love.
  • This is the company’s fault, I don’t like it but I feel sorry for the group, anyway, I still wish Hanbin and TEMPEST a successful debut.
  • I don’t have any malice towards the group but their company is not doing a good job at all. I hope Yuehua learns from the experience so that the group doesn’t get a bad reputation.

This is not the first time Yuehua Entertainment has been caught up in a plagiarism controversy with YG Entertainment artists. In 2019, when EVERGLOW debuted, the girl group was repeatedly labeled a “BLACKPINK clone”. Even up to now, netizens still bring up this story many times.

EVERGLOW is called a copycat of BLACKPINK.

Not only are their outfits somewhat similar, EVERGLOW is also accused of blatantly plagiarizing BLACKPINK’s music. Specifically, the group’s song “Adios” is said to have melodies, rhythms, and instruments that are no different from the billion-view hit “Kill This Love” of the senior.

Due to a history of plagiarism accusations, poor promotion and treatment of idols, Yuehua Entertainment was not popular with many fans. The majority of the audience thinks that this company is back to its old ways, playing tricks to gain more fame. However, some people think that this is just a coincidence, not plagiarism.

EVERGLOW was mocked to be cosplaying BLACKPINK.
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