Here are 5 Korean stars who almost became teachers 

These 5 K-celebrities could have had different career paths. 

Many celebrities originally wanted to do jobs that don’t involve them standing in the spotlight like they do now. Since today (May 15th) is Teacher’s Day in Korea, let’s take a look at 5 Korean stars who almost became teachers. They wanted to be in classrooms and teach students, but eventually, they now stand in front of the public and show off their talents.


1. Singer Mijoo

Former Lovelyz member Mijoo, who is in her prime thanks to variety shows appearances, originally dreamed of becoming a kindergarten teacher.

At the press conference for a web drama in 2016, when asked what kind of job she would have if she had not become a singer, Mijoo said she would be a kindergarten teacher. 


Mijoo revealed she had been preparing for early childhood education in college and said she always liked to sing and play with kids. Known as a “human vitamin” for her bright energy, Mijoo will definitely be great with kids if she actually pursued a career in early childhood education. 

2. Actor Ryu Jun Yeol

Before Ryu Jun Yeol debuted as an actor, his dream was becoming a teacher. During his appearance on tvN’s chat show “Taxi” in 2016, when asked if he wanted to become an actor in the first place, Ryu Jun Yeol answered, “I originally wanted to become a school teacher.” He said that he liked meeting students and had great respect for teachers.

ryu jun yeol

However, Ryu Jun Yeol later realized that being a teacher was not something he was meant to do. While considering his career, he thought he loved watching movies and developed a dream of becoming an actor.

While preparing for his acting debut, Ryu Jun Yeol worked various part-time jobs, one of which was teaching after-school classes part-time at an elementary school.

3. Rapper Queen WA$ABII

Queen WA$ABII, who gained popularity thanks to her outstanding rap skills and witty talk, almost became a teacher. She is loved for her easygoing image, so not many people know about her impressive academic background. The female rapper actually graduated from Ewha Womans University’s Department of Education and Engineering.

queen wasabi

When she guested on MBC every1’s “Video Star” in 2020, she said that she practiced teaching as an ethics class during college. She also revealed a surprising fact that she was the top student in liberal arts throughout her high school years.

4. TV personality Kim Min Ah 

TV personality and former weathercaster Kim Min Ah, who has been active in various broadcasts and is famous for her candid and straightforward wit, dropped out of high school in the past and entered the Gyeongin National University of Education. 

kim min ah

Kim Min Ah naturally went to a teacher training institution because both her parents were in teaching, but after entering the university, she prepared for the recruitment test for flight attendants instead. After working as a flight attendant, Kim Min Ah felt that it did not fit her, so she changed her direction and became a weathercaster. 

5. MC Jun Hyun Moo

Announcer-turned-MC Jeon Hyun Moo once drew attention by revealing his teacher’s certificate, which he had prepared to become a teacher.

jeon hyun moo

In a broadcast in 2013, Jun Hyun Moo revealed that his No.1 dream was to become an announcer, but he obtained a teaching license in preparation for failing the announcer exam. Jun Hyun Moo also selected reporter and teacher as his second and third dream jobs after announcers.

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