Kim Tae-ri reveals that her mother is a big fan of Na Hee-do, “I felt so great when people said they were happy thanks to me”

Kim Tae-ri expressed her overwhelming feelings after “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” ended.

Actress Kim Tae-ri’s agency – Management mmm uploaded a video on their official Youtube channel on May 14th under the title “#KimTae-ri ‘So This is the Place?’ DAY 3”. In the video, Kim Tae-ri said, “The last broadcast (of ‘Twenty-five, Twenty-one’) aired yesterday. Many people delivered their congratulations and greetings so I stayed up late to reply to them”.

She added, “My grandfather passed away when ‘Mr. Sunshine’ was broadcast, Lee Jung-eun sunbaenim told me that the sky was often blue when something sad happened. The sky was so blue that I cried even more… It seems like my sad mood got stirred up because of the bright scene. Every time I feel happy, sadness suddenly arises… When I’m really happy, I’m also sad because of that happiness”.

Kim Tae-ri

Later, Kim Tae-ri went to a cafe. She continued to share, “After the drama ended, I received lots of calls from my acquaintances. They all poured out love and support for me. I thought sadness would come if I felt so happy this morning, but I think there is no sadness in this happiness. I’m just extremely happy. I’m so thankful for that”.

Kim Tae-ri

The actress then wrote “I hope everyone knows my true feelings after watching these interviews. Hee-do existed thanks to them!” in her diary. In addition, when Kim Tae-ri was driving from Mokpo to Jeonju, her mother called. Kim Tae-ri’s mother said, “Why didn’t you marry Yi-jin? I understand it but…”, adding, “Still, I have been so happy for the past two months thanks to my daughter. I was so interesting”.

Kim Tae-ri

She continued to show affection for her daughter, saying, “You would be cool even if you were someone else’s daughter, but it feels so great since you’re mine”. Kim Tae-ri’s mother also wondered if the actress would continue practicing fencing. In response, Kim Tae-ri said, “I really want to do it but if I don’t practice it every day, I will lose the sense of that sport. My body would hurt if I do it every day”.

Kim Tae-ri

Kim Tae-ri then arrived in Jeonju and went to a whiskey bar recommended by Nam Joo-hyuk. On her way back to her accommodation, she had a phone call with her friend. The actress confessed, “I learned so many things this time. The drama ended. Many people contacted me. They all said thank you. They were happy. And it was thanks to me… That’s why I felt so good”, drawing attention.

Source: Nate

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