“From the sun to the dust”… 6 stars who made fans worried by confessing their unusual allergy

Many people suffer from allergies and celebrities are no exception!

When spring comes, there are people with pollen allergies. In addition, there are many people who cannot raise pets due to fur allergies or who cannot eat whatever they want to eat, such as dairy products and fruits.

Among celebrities, there are those who have made fans worried by confessing that they have allergies. Among them, let’s meet 6 stars who are known to have unusual allergies.

1. Actor Kim Dong-wook – Sun allergy

Kim Dong-wook mentioned on MBC FM4U radio ‘FM Movie Music Jung Eun-chae’ that he is allergic to sunlight. He also made a professional confession that he had tanned 20 times while taking allergy medicine during the filming of the drama “Hand the Guest.”

kim woo seok

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-wook recently appeared in the original TVing drama “King of Pigs” released in March.

2. Singer and actor Hwang Minhyun – Dust allergy

Hwang Min-hyun is known for being allergic to dust. He once appeared on MBC’s “I Live Alone” and revealed that he was allergic to dust and showed him cleaning the house neatly.

hwang min hyun

Hwang Min-hyun recently decided to appear in the tvN drama ‘Soul Marriage’.

3. BTS Jin – Allergy to garlic and potatoes

In the past, Jin announced that he could not eat garlic and potatoes well in the group’s own show “Run BTS.” Jin, who originally had a hobby of cooking, revealed that he had a garlic allergy and immediately quit the hobby.

bts jin

After the recent successful BTS concert in Las Vegas, Jin and his bandmates are spurring preparations for a comeback in June.

4. Actress Song Ji-hyo – Allergy to Western Medicine

Song Ji-hyo revealed through her agency that she was not able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine because of an allergy to Western medicine.

Song Ji-hyo

The confessed that she was once taken to the emergency room when she was young because she was allergic to Western medicine. Song Ji-hyo currently works as a fixed member of SBS ‘Running Man’.

5. Singer Kim Woo Seok – Allergic to contact lenses

Kim Woo-suk said in a V LIVE broadcast with his fans in the past that he is allergic to contact lenses and cannot wear them for a long time. He often revealed that he wore glasses instead of lenses, and received comments from fans that the glasses suit him well.

kim woo seol

Kim Woo-seok, a member of the idol group UP10TION, is actively promoting his solo album and appearing in some dramas.

6. BTS V – Cholinergic Allergy

In the past, V once revealed that he had cholinergic allergies on Weverse, a platform that communicates with fans. Choline allergy is a symptom of hives when the body has a fever or stress.


Meanwhile, V is establishing himself as a global celebrity, having recently surpassed 40 million Instagram followers.

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