BTS V in the world’s top 9 influencers, the most-followed among Korean male celebrities with more than 41 million followers

BTS V is the first Korean male celebrity to have more than 41 million Instagram followers.

On May 5th, V‘s Instagram account officially surpassed 41 million followers. V, who topped the list of most-followed Korean male celebrities just 16 days after the opening of his account, set an all-time record for the highest rise in Instagram followers in Korea for five consecutive months.


He proved his power as the world’s strongest brand by being ranked in the top 10 most influential people on Instagram worldwide. As of May 7th, V ranked 9th in the “top 1000 Instagram influencer” ranking of the influencer marketing platform “HypeAuditor,” the first Korean male celebrity to do so.


In the chart, which quantifies one’s marketing influence by evaluating their activity and quality of followers, V has risen one step further to 9th place as the first Korean man to enter the top 10, breaking his own record every day.

He ranks first among Asian male influencers and 3rd in the world. There are currently only two more influential male celebrities worldwide than V on Instagram: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


V‘s Instagram account is the fastest in terms of follower number growth and the highest engagement rate in the world. Ronaldo, who has the most followed Instagram account in the world and ranks first in the influencer rankings, has only 8 million followers’ authentic engagement, while V‘s authentic engagement, which is based on only one-tenth of Ronaldo’s number of followers, is ranked first in the world with 13.2 million. The brand value of his account also recorded the highest amount.


More unrivaled in the number of followers, V set the world record of the fastest account to reach 1 million and 10 million followers at Guinness World Records with his first personal Instagram in eight years since his debut. V gained about 250,000 followers on the day of the Grammys alone, showing his power on SNS.


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