NCT Taeyong criticized for proudly posting a photo of Dokdo island as Korean territory 

Japanese netizens left malicious comments on the photo of Dokdo Island posted by NCT member Taeyong.

On January 25th, Taeyong performed a world tour show in Bogota, Colombia with NCT 127. After the concert, he posted a photo of his visit to the National Museum of Korea’s Special Exhibition of Ceramics in Bogota on his personal SNS account.

NCT Taeyong

The photo released by Taeyong also included a map showing Ulleungdo and Dokdo islands as Korean territories.

In response to Taeyong’s post, Japanese netizens criticized, “Dokdo is Japanese territory. It’s called ‘Takeshima’”, “NCT has Japanese members but Taeyong even wore a bracelet symbolizes Japanese military sexual slavery”, “Please think of your fans all over the world”, etc.

NCT Taeyong
NCT Taeyong

On the other hand, Korean netizens showed enthusiastic support for Taeyong, saying “I wore the bracelet and claimed Dokdo Korean territory. I suddenly like him”, “Why are you guys doing that to a Korean?”, “I’m a fan of other idols but I like him. Taeyong is cool”, etc.

NCT Taeyong

Meanwhile, Taeyong’s group NCT 127 released a track video for the b-side song “DJ” from their 4th full repackage album “Ay-Yo” on January 26th.

Source: wikitree

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