Lee Seung Gi discussed his grievances, “I suffered from stress for years”

After it was revealed that Lee Seung Gi received no payment for his music for 18 years, the actor has become the center of attention. 

Recently, Dispatch revealed that the company of famous singer-actor Lee Seung Gi did not pay him a dime for all musical activities in the past 18th. The media outlet also released a recording between Lee Seung Gi and his agency, showing how the actor was manipulated into thinking he was without popularity, and that he did not bring in adequate revenue.

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After learning about this, netizens are looking back at Lee Seung Gi’s past appearances on entertainment shows, and discovered signs of the actor’s grievances. For example, during a TV program 2 years earlier, Lee Seung Gi hinted at his struggle. 

In particular, during a “Truth or Dare” segment, Lee Seung Gi expressed that he had been suffering from stresses for years and unable to show his true feelings. Then, when asked if he recently cried out of sadness, the actor gave a shocking answer. 

Lee Seung Gi

“No, I haven’t cried in the past 4 years”, he said, adding, “At times, I had to ask myself if I am able to feel sadness at all. Whenever I spotted signs of it, I held myself back and ceased my thoughts about it.” 

Lee Seung Gi continued, “In recent years, many people have been asking me about how to relieve stress, but I was unable to give them any answer. I feel stressed since I have a lot of pressures, but I never know their origins, only that they multiply by time. I am the type of person who always hides my nerves, and I never look back at them nor reflect about them.” 

Jang Do Yeon

At the time, MC Jang Do Yeon sympathized with the actor’s feelings, but also pointed out that such a tendency can become dangerous. According to the MC, bottling up feelings can cause them to explode when the actor can’t control them. She also advised him to write a diary to let out his negative feelings. 

Source: k14

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