“I can’t go without a dog” Lee Hyo Ri shows her love for abandoned dogs in “Canada Check-in” 

Lee Hyo Ri’s “Canada Check-in” has been revealed.

Recently, a post was uploaded on the channel of tvN’s “Canada Check-in” along with photos that give a glimpse of the upcoming broadcast.

Lee Hyo-ri Canada

In the photos, Lee Hyo Ri’s various appearances in Canada were shown. Lee Hyo Ri was accompanied by the abandoned dogs for overseas adoption. She had a great time with the dogs before taking them to their new owners. She also shared the beautiful Canadian landscape.

Lee Hyo Ri was enjoying surfing and eating delicious food. She also draws attention with her easy-going yet affectionate eyes toward the dogs.

Lee Hyo-ri Canada

Previously, PD Kim Tae Ho and PD Jeong Jong Yeon held a live broadcast titled through the YouTube channel ‘TEO’ and said, “During Lee Hyo Ri’s break, she could go to Canada for a month’s vacation. She asked me to ‘turn it into a video’, so I went with her. The title is ‘Canada Check-in’.”

He continued, “(Lee Hyo Ri) volunteered at an abandoned dog protection center and sent the dogs for adoption overseas to grow up in a good environment. She went all the way to Canada to see the puppies she loved.” “Canada Check-in” will air in December through tvN.

Lee Hyo-ri Canada

Source: Daum.

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