J-Hope (BTS) is performing his solo stage at 2022 MAMA, sparking interest in his past 

The idol is now ready to go on a new journey as a solo artist, starting with a solo stage at MAMA. 

Recent statements from CJ ENM prior to the 2022 “Mnet Music Awards” (MAMA) announced that J-Hope is appearing at the event. 

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The statement from Yoon Shin-hye went as follows, “J-Hope was the first BTS member to release a solo album and was praised for showcasing his inner story in the album. J-Hope’s solo stage will be released for the first time in this MAMA.”

The representative added, “I think BTS’ stage at ‘MAMA’ will always remain a legend, but J-Hope is working hard to prepare a performance to make J-Hope’s solo stage a history as well.”

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The theme for J-Hope’s performance is ‘I am your hope’. CP Yoon said, “Please don’t miss J-Hope’s story of hope through the stage,” raising expectations.

With his first solo performance right around the corners, fans are having a nostalgic trip to review his entire personal journey in pursuit of dancing. 

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At a young age, J-Hope was a mischievous student and was called the alley boss. He pulled all sort of stunts, such as climbing over a wall because his school did not have a canteen. However, he stopped doing so in highschool, confessing, “I couldn’t because my father was a teacher at the same school in high school.”

In addition, J-Hope said in the past VLIVE, “I was sincere in dancing, so during the exam period during school days, I showed several dances without backup to get recognition from my father instead of studying. He gave me permission to watch Music Bank,” drawing attention. 

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Later, J-Hope had a period when he left the agency before his debut as a trainee and confessed that he was able to return again due long persuasion by RM and Jungkook at the time.

Despite his difficult childhood and intensive training in the past, J-Hope was reborn as an extraordinary star and is just about to start on a new adventure as a solo artist. 

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