LOONA Chuu, who recently confessed her hardships, reportedly set up her own agency… Blockberry Creative denied, “Groundless rumors”

Chuu, a member of the girl group LOONA, established her own company.

According to a report by OSEN on October 28th, Chuu set up “Chuu Company Ltd.” in April with her name listed as the CEO of this company. Chuu’s mother was also named as an in-house director. 

loona chuu

In particular, “Chuu Company Ltd.” is said to have been established for music-related purposes, such as ‘broadcasting program and record production’, ‘entertainment management business’, ‘physical album production business’, ‘sound production and distribution business’, ‘performance planning company’, and ‘publication, editing, distribution, public relations, periodical production and agency business’. 

Loona Chuu

Appearing on a broadcast of Channel A’s entertainment show “Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic”, which aired on October 7th, Chuu said, “I had no income last year. Since it costs a lot to buy food every time, I got stressed out and developed the habit of eating spicy food”, drawing regrets from netizens with her confession of hardships.


It is also known that Chuu filed an injunction against Blockberry Creative at the end of last year to suspend the validity of her exclusive contract. 

In this regard, Blockberry Creative said, “The recent rumors related to LOONA member Chuu are groundless. Without any official position from the company or the member individually, many articles confused fans and the public with contents under the expression of ‘from officials’”, adding “Once again, we would like to inform you that we will actively respond to unilateral articles and comments that damage the reputation of our company and the members.”


Meanwhile, Chuu’s group LOONA held a world tour after the release of their mini album “Flip That” on June 20th. However, Chuu was also reported to be absent from the world tour at the group’s showcase.

Regarding the reason for Chuu’s absence, Blockberry Creative explained, “Chuu would be absent from ‘2022 LOONA FIRST WORLD TOUR – LOONA THE WORLD’ due to her schedules in the second half of this year that had been planned previously. Therefore, we ask for your understanding.”

Source: wikitree

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