This famous female idol filmed many CFs but still confessed of earning no income last year

Chuu recently appeared on “Dr. Oh Eun-young’s Golden Clinic” and revealed her concerns.

There is a famous idol who is the center of a popular girl group and has 1.14 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. 

She also performed well as an MC for Channel A’s “Steel Stroops” last year and made her face widely known to the public.

steel troops

In addition, she also guested on various programs, such as MBC’s “The Manager”, “MBC’s “DNA Mate”, Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice”, etc.

She is Chuu, a member of the girl group LOONA and a broadcaster who is active in various fields. Appearing on TV shows with her lovely and natural charms, she has captivated the hearts of many fans.

loona chuu

While enjoying her heyday, Chuu suddenly confessed a shocking fact on Channel A’s “Dr. Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic”, which aired on October 7th.

On the broadcast, Chuu shared “In fact, I had no income last year”, and revealed that she had lost contact with her mother for 6 months.

With an upset expression, she said, “Considering that a big problem in my life, I told my family about my situation. However, the answer I got in return was ‘Even when you are at a disadvantage, you’d better put up with it’”.

loona chuu cf

Everyone was so surprised when Chuu, who debuted in 2017 and has been working diligently for the past 6 years, revealed that she received no income last year. 

In particular, fans exploded with anger, saying “Chuu must have earned hundreds of millions of won just from the CFs she’s been filming. It doesn’t make sense that she didn’t get any income”.

Last year, Chuu filmed a CF for ion drink Pocari Sweat of Dong-A Otsuka and showed off her unique refreshing and pure charms. 

loona chuu cf

Within the last year alone, she shot several more advertisements, including promotional videos for Gyeonggi-do’s beach, Samsung Galaxy Store, Chicken Maru, BCcard, Nongshim Neoguri, tutoring platform Seoltab, mobile game Warpath, etc.

This year, Chuu is also modeling for Monolabs’s Study Jelly, INTAKE’s Sugarlolo Sparkling, IClockwork’s mobile game Little Samguk, etc.

loona chuu cf

As Chuu is getting all the good deals for advertisements, entertainment programs, music projects and Youtube, she is expected to continue her active activities in the future. Therefore, many people are also showing support for the female idol.

On “Dr. Oh Eun Young’s Golden Clinic”, Chuu also confessed, “I stuff too much food in my mouth until I couldn’t breathe. When I get stressed, I’d eat then vomit”, drawing regrets.

Chuu Loona

Accordingly, she repeated her habit of eating a lot of spicy food until throwing up. The female idol also revealed that her body was so damaged that she had to visit the emergency room once a month.

Upon hearing Chuu’s worries, Dr. Oh Eun-young asked, “What made you feel so stressful?”, trying to find out the reason.

Chuu Loona

In response, Chuu said, “I already erased it from my memory and can’t even remember it now”, adding “I hate it when someone knows my problems. The more tired I was, the higher my voice tone went. I didn’t want to show anyone that I was tired and didn’t want people to know that either.”

She continued, “I did that to protect my image as ‘bright Chuu’ because people think I’m a bright and lively girl.”


After knowing Chuu’s concerns, Dr. Oh Eun-young diagnosed Chuu with “smile mask depression”, which is a psychologically unstable state when one cannot properly release emotions, such as sadness and anger, to maintain a bright appearance.

Dr. Oh Eun-young then said, “Young people these days struggle too hard because they think they will not win the competition or have a good opportunity if they don’t show their outstanding abilities”. 


She continued, “It’s better to show yourself the way you are. You don’t have to try too hard. I want you to protect yourself well”, giving Chuu sincere advice. 

Source: insight

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