LOONA’s Chuu denies having eating disorder + hopes fans cheer for her instead of misunderstanding 

Chuu has dispelled fans’ concerns. 

On October 6th, LOONA’s Chuu wrote on her Instagram story, “All those thing about Chuu having eating disorder, anorexia,… are not true at all.”

She continued, “Of course, I didn’t know how to relieve stress right away in the past when I was banned from going out and had busy schedules, so I ate spicy food and didn’t take good care of my body.”

Chuu added, “Now, more than anyone else, I’m enjoying working happily through sports, hobbies, and conversations with people I care about. I’m moving forward, so I would appreciate it if you could cheer me on instead of having big misunderstandings and worries.”

Chuu also took pictures of her homemade soybean paste stew and game screens, as she tried to alleviate fans’ concerns.

Meanwhile, Chuu will appear on Channel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic”, which will be aired on October 7th.

In a preview video released on September 30th, Chuu confessed, “I’d eat so much that I couldn’t breathe. I’d eat like that when I get stressed.”

She continued, “I’ve been to the emergency room because my body stiffened and my hands were shaking.” 

Dr. Oh Eun Young then responded to Chuu’s story, saying, “It’s like a kind of self-harm. If you let go of that mask, you have a fear of collapsing.”

The preview video sparked great concern among fans that Chuu was suffering from stress-induced eating disorder.

Recently, Chuu revealed that she had not received a schedule notice from her agency, and also did not participate in LOONA’s world tour, which sparked rumors of Chuu being left out of her group’s group chat. Regarding this, LOONA’s agency stated that the rumor was “groundless.”

Source: nate

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