Who is the female golfer rumored to be a “mistress” in the marriages of Bi Rain and Jo Jung Suk?

Female golfer Park Gyeol finally addressed the rumors about her having an affair with Bi Rain and Jo Jung Suk

Park Gyeol, a female golfer, suddenly became the talk of town after a rumor accused her of having interfered in the marriages of Bi RainKim Tae Hee and Jo Jung SukGummy. Born in 1996, Park Gyeol boasts outstanding achievements in the world of golf, and is also well known for her gorgeous visuals. In fact, Newsen and other Korean media outlets used to call her a “natural beauty” that greatly resembles “visual goddess” Kim Tae Hee. 

A successful career in golf, once ranked 101th worldwide

Park Gyeol was born on January 9th, 1996 in Suncheon, Jeollanam. She started playing golf as early as 2nd grade in elementary school, and by 2014, had become a member of Korea’s national team for the Asian Games held in Incheon, Korea. Here, Park Gyeol secured a golf medal in the individual category and a silver medal in the team category – an astounding achievement for her age. 

After the ASIAD, Park Gyeol continued to nail other achievements in tournaments in and outside the country and reached new peaks in her career. In 2015 and 2017, she was ranked 101th among worldwide female golf players – proving her status in the sport. She also signed an exclusive contract worth 200 million won with the investment conglomerate Woori, and remains among the top golfers in Korea for years to come.

A top-notch beauty among Korean athlete and Kim Tae Hee look-alike 

Alongside her admirable career, Park Gyeol is also famous for her stunning visuals. After losing weight, the golfer drew a lot of attention for her perfect physique, while her face is often compared to the “visual goddess” Kim Tae Hee. As a result, Park Gyeol often receives commercial deals and pictorial offers, and easily steals the spotlight whenever she arrives at a competition. 

Park Gyeol’s reaction to rumors of having an affair with a top male star

On October 6, Park Gyeol suddenly became the focus of the media due to being caught up in rumors of having an affair with a top male star.  It is known that this male star has reached the top in the fields of music, acting, dance. He was married to a smart and beautiful woman.  This male star even had his own apartment to date with Park Gyeol, he was caught and warned by his wife.

After the rumor spread on social networks, many people shouted Bi Rain’s name. Immediately, the male singer strongly denied, claiming to sue the act of spreading false information. The “Hospital Playlist” actor – Jo Jung Suk is also entangled in rumors.  He also denied and announced that he was preparing to take legal action.

Although the rumors have not been verified, many netizens flooded Park Gyeol’s Instagram with malicious comments.  On the afternoon of October 6, she posted a black photo with the status line: “I can’t believe it. That’s all I saw in the sponsorship event a few years ago. I did not take anyone’s phone number. We (Park Gyeol and Kim Tae Hee) don’t look alike, thanks for the comparison. I can’t believe such an absurd thing is happening.”

Below the post, many friends of the female golfer came to cheer her on, confirming that the truth would soon be revealed.  Currently, the name Park Gyeol is the focus of discussion on Korean and Chinese online websites.

Source: K14

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