“Why the sudden profanity?” Netizens are debating over NCT Mark’s finger 

Mark, a member of the group NCT, has been embroiled in a sudden controversy.

On the 5th, the YouTube channel “STUDIO CHOOM [Studio Dance]” released a behind-the-scenes video featuring NCT 127.

On this day, while Mark and Haechan were practicing the choreography, when Haechan forgot the promised choreography, he raised his finger and disappeared from the camera.

Then some Internet users who encountered the scene began to argue that Mark “cursed with his fingers.”

On the other hand, after analyzing the video, some claimed that they made a “finger cross,” a gesture to wish good luck in the Western world, not a finger swear word, saying, “He’s spreading out both my index and middle finger.”

After the controversy erupted, Studio Dance deleted the scene and posted a new video.

NCT 127, to which Mark belongs, will visit the New York Times Square ‘Good Morning America’ studio and decorate the stage for the recently released 4th album title song ‘Fast’.

Source: nate

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