Concerns raised about LOONA’s Chuu amid controversy over her agency transfer, bullying rumors, and confession to self-harm 

LOONA’s Chuu is going through a hard time.

2022 has been a particularly difficult year for LOONA’s Chuu. In June, Chuu was caught up in rumors of her transferring to a new agency. At the time, a media outlet reported that Chuu was leaving Blockberry Creative to find a new home. The news that Chuu would not be participating in LOONA’s world tour due to her personal schedules also strengthened the rumors of her parting ways with Blockberry Creative. 


In response to the rumor, Blockberry Creative issued a position that it was “groundless”. After that, LOONA successfully completed the promotions of their special mini album “Flip That”, and the rumors of Chuu leaving the company seemed to have subsided.

However, the text that Chuu sent to her fans through the private messaging app “Fab” has led her to be embroiled in another rumor. This time, suspicions of Chuu being “left out” and “bullied” were raised. 

Specifically, Chuu said in the message, “It’s a shame that I didn’t receive any notice about participating in the afternoon schedule. I miss you too. A lot.”

LOONA’s Chuu

LOONA is holding concerts in Seoul on October 15th and 16th. It has been confirmed that Chuu will once again sit out of the concert. 

On the other hand, when asked by fans, “Did you receive any notice about the concert?”, LOONA’s Yeojin said, “We already knew it because the schedule was announced in the group chat room with 12 members, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Some fans questioned the “12 members” that Yeojin mentioned. Speculations were raised that 12 members include 11 members of LOONA and a manager, with the exception of Chuu, which means Chuu was removed from the group chat room. 


As the suspicion grew, Chu sent another message, saying, “The story seems to be flowing strangely. Just because a schedule is posted doesn’t mean I can attend all of them. The company needs to decide and give me a confirmation for me to join.”

Chuu is LOONA’s most popular member. She appeared on various entertainment shows and attracted attention with her cuteness and bright energy. She took the lead in making LOONA more well-known.

It recently came as a shock to fans and the public when Chuu, who had always shown her bright side, complained of extreme stress. Chuu appeared in the trailer for Channel A’s “Dr Oh’s Golden Clinic” released on September 30th.

loona chuu

Chuu confessed, “I would eat until I couldn’t breathe. I would just keep eating. When I’m stressed, I just eat like that and then vomit. I’ve been to the emergency room when my body stiffened up and my hands were shaking. Dr. Oh Eun Young diagnosed Chuu’s behavior as “a kind of self-harm”.

Chuu has always been known for her brightness and lovely charm. Due to rumors of her leaving the company, being bullied, and even suffering from health problems, fans’ concerns about Chuu are only growing. 

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