Chuu’s meaningful post sparked the controversy over discrimination at her agency, was she left out of LOONA’s group chat?

Chuu, a member of LOONA, will eventually miss the group’s concert. However, Chuu was reported to have said she had not heard anything about the concert announcement.

On Sep 25th, an article titled “What’s really going on with Chuu?” was posted on the online community Nate Pann.

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The article claimed that only Chuu in LOONA did not receive the notice of the “2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR[LOONATHEWORLD]IN SEOUL” concert held at SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul from Oct 15th to 16th. As Chuu is the only one who did not receive anything while the other members had all received the notice already, fans are raising even more questions.

Netizens released the messages shared by Chuu and other members with LOONA’s fans on the fandom platform “Fab.”

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Fans seem to have sent messages to the members as soon as they received the notice of the Seoul concert. However, the members’ and Chuu’s reactions to the fans’ messages were very different.

Unlike other members, Chuu heard nothing about the concert notice. She said, “It’s a bummer that they didn’t give me any notice about participating in the afternoon schedule. I miss you, too. A lot, a lot,” she wrote.


On the other hand, Yeo-jin, another member of LOONA, said that a notice has already been posted in the group chat of all the members of LOONA. Yeo-jin said, “I already knew everything because it was announced in the group chat of us 12 members and schedule as well. I’m looking forward to it,” she said, providing a different story from Chuu.


Fans questioned the part of “us 12 members” in the message sent by Yeo-jin. It is said that the 12 people mentioned are not the LOONA members including Chuu, but one manager and 11 members except Chuu.

After that, Chuu has started to explain herself as various suspicions surrounding the controversy spread among fans.


Chuu said, “I think my story is being spread strangely, so I’m saying this. It doesn’t mean that I will join every activity just because the schedule is up. I have to receive a notice of confirmed schedules from the company before deciding whether to participate or not. So even if the schedule notification comes up, I still don’t know if I’m participating or not,” she said, sending a meaningful message.

Chuu explained to help fans understand, but there was no mention that she also heard the concert notice like other members.


Since then, K-POP performance platform company “My Music Taste” has delivered the news of Chuu’s absence at the concert on its official Twitter account, disappointing fans.

My Music Test said, “As informed in advance, Chuu, a member of LOONA, will not attend the 2022 LOONA 1st WORLD TOUR [LOONATHEWORLD]. We ask for your understanding, Orbit (LOONA’s fandom name).”


In response, netizens of the online community Nate Pann said, “The agency is dividing them,” and “If this is the case, the relationship between 11 people and Chuu will inevitably get worse…”, “I got to know about a group called LOONA thanks to Chuu, what are they doing?” “What is this preferential treatment?” and “Aren’t they trying to single Chuu out?”

Earlier, Blockberry Creative, the agency of LOONA, reported in June that only member Chuu would not attend the world tour.

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At the time, Blockberry Creative said, “Member Chuu will be absent from the “2022 LOONA 1st World Tour LOONATHEWORLD” due to her already decided schedule of the second half of the year,” causing disappointment to fans.

In particular, Chuu was absent from the concert in February due to health reasons before it was revealed that she was in a legal dispute with her agency.

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Meanwhile, when asked by fans whether she received the letters from the fandom platform “Fab” last month, Chuu said that they could visit her agency’s office building with permission of her agency to bring the letters.

Source: wikitree

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