Jung Hae-in, “The stories of the drama version are more abundant than that of the original webtoon. I acted it, but I still find it’s fun” (27th BIFF)

Three actors of Disney+’s original series “Connect” mentioned the original work and explained the interesting points of the drama version.

On the afternoon of October 6th, Jung Hae-in attended Disney+ original “Connect” open talk held on BIFFXGENESIS outdoor stage at the Cinema Hall in Haeundae-gu, Busan. At the event, he said, “I was not going to read the original webtoon, but somehow ended up reading it without realizing. It was very interesting”

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He shared, “The scenario was literally based on the webtoon when I first read it, but the director painted it with colors so well. The story became more plentiful. I was fascinated by the director’s idea”, adding “The scenario with fresh and diverse stories impressed me. I found it very interesting while acting. I already watched parts 1 to 3. Although I acted it, I still find it’s fun”, showing his confidence.

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Go Kyung-pyo said, “I’ve just read the beginning of the original work. I didn’t read it until the end because I wanted to show you the character I create. We worked hard hoping that it would be an opportunity for our Korean audience, who have already used to realistic movies due to their fresh and unique material, to experience a new thing”. Kim Hye-jun added, “I read the beginning (of the original webtoon) but not until the end. The drama version is different from the original, so I tried to build my own character. The drama’s material is very unique. I thought if the director added his own style of directing, he could produce a work that has never been seen in Korea.”

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Disney+’s original series “Connect” tells the story of “Connect” Dong-soo, a new race that has an immortal body, who got kidnapped by an organ trafficking organization and lost one eye, being chased after when it is known that his eye had been transplanted into a serial killer who caused a stir in Korea. Director Takashi Miike took the megaphone and directed “Connect” as his first Korean work.

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Meanwhile, the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), which marks its 27th anniversary this year, will run for 10 days in Busan with various events held at different places, such as the Cinema Hall (from Oct 5th to Oct 14th). 243 films from 71 countries will be screened on 30 screens in 7 movie theaters with 111 Community BIFF screenings. The opening film was “Scent of Wind” by director Hadi Mohaghegh, and the closing film will be Kei Ishikawa’s “A Man”, a film based on Keiichiro Hirano’s novel of the same name. 

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