“That’s right”… Jeon So-min posted old photo amid “fake NewJeans controversy”

Actress Jeon So-min released her old photo.

On Oct 10th, Jeon So-min posted a photo on her social media account with the caption “That’s right. I had bangs when I was 20 years old”. In the photo, she was staring at the camera with her baby face, attracting attention.

Jeon So Min

Especially, her hairstyle back then looks just like her recent choppy bangs. There is a reason why Jeon So-min suddenly shared her old photo. When Jeon So-min recently did choppy bangs, the members of SBS’ entertainment program “Running Man” teased her, “You’re fake NewJeans.

Jeon So-min released her old picture as evidence of her claim that “I did this hair when I was 20 years old, but I did it again because the trend came back”. Fans responded, “She’s so cute”, “What she said was real”…

Meanwhile, Jeon So-min appeared in JTBC’s drama “Cleaning Up” this year.

Source: Nate

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