Comparing 24-hour pre-order album statistics of female K-pop groups 

The K-pop scene is getting more exciting than ever with talented new groups and the return of famous groups. 

aespa blackpink
24-hour accomplishment once sparked debates among BLINKs and MYs (BLACKPINK’s and aspa’s fandoms respectively). (Image: Facebook aespa, YG Entertainment) 

After approximately 9 hours of receiving orders, BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” reached 84 thousand preorder albums on Ktown4U. This made them the girl group with the highest pre-order figures in 24 hours on this platform. After that, BLACKPINK hit another impressive record of 140 pre-order albums. 

blackpink thumbnail
BLACKPINK recorded 84 thousand pre-order albums. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

After 2 years of absence, BLACKPINK returns and breaks in various domestic and international music charts. They are ready to show off their prowess before other “heavyweight opponents”. On the coming August 19th, BLACKPINK is releasing their title track, “Pink Venom”. 

Anticipated comeback MVs of YG girl group is looked forward to by a large pool of audience. (Image: YG Entertainment)  

On 26th July 2022, NewJeans achieved success with their album of the same name which reached 81 thousand pre-order albums in 24 hours on Ktown4U. This milestone resonated far because the group even surpassed second and third generation idol groups such as Girls’ Generation and TWICE. 

NewJeans achieved 81 thousand pre-order albums. (Image: HYBE Labels)

Ever since their debut, NewJeans has continuously taken up airtime, leaving strong impressions with their appearance and talent. All 5 members are highly regarded for their energy and dynamics. Their latest releases “Attention”, “Cookie” and “Hurt” all achieve high rankings on music charts. 

5 female rookies are promised to reach new successes and heights in careers. (Image: HYBE Labels) 

Recently, aespa released their second mini album in their career titled “Girls”. According to Ktown4U, the SM girl group received a whopping figure of 78 thousand preorders just in their first day. At that time, they broke BLACKPINK’s record in 2020 with their album release “THE ALBUM”. Currently, however, aespa falls to third place after NewJeans and BLACKPINK.

NewJeans was once recognized by HYBE’s CEO as the next girl group to be as successful as BLACKPINK. (Image: Naver) 
aespa leaves their mark with their second mini album named “Girls”. (Image: M Countdown) 
aespa girls
aspa attracted attention when the group surpassed their seniors at their second mini album release, “Girls”. (Image: Screenshot from aespa’s YouTube)

Speaking of “THE ALBUM”, this is the living proof of BLACKPINK’s expanding influence. Released in 2020, the album recorded a 41-thousand pre-order in 24 hours. After two consecutive years, this achievement has not met any rivals. Currently, BLACKPINK breaks their own record with the pre-order figure for “Born Pink” twice that of “THE ALBUM”. 

blackpink thumbnail
BLACKPINK’s “THE ALBUM” becomes a “legend” for keeping a firm place after two years of release. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
blackpink thumbnail
BLACKPINK sweeps fans off despite their 2-year absence. (Image: Pinterest)

TWICE also garners amazing achievement with 36 thousand pre-orders for their album “Between 1&2” on Ktown4U. This is the group’s 11th mini album, to be released on August 26th, 2022. Since their debut, the girl group also keeps a consistent performance on the music race. Now that TWICE renews their contract with JYP, the group will continue working with their full force and treat the audience with incredible music products. 

TWICE’s album “Between” garners impressive accomplishment. (Image: JYP Entertainment) 
TWICE renews contract with JYP and continues strong in K-pop. (Image: UPI) 

The music industry is now welcoming new and exciting groups and well as the comebacks of more experienced seniors. The future of K-pop seems promising and energetic more than ever. 

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