aespa defeated BLACKPINK, becoming Kpop girl group to sell the most albums within the first week

Within just one day of release, aespa’s physical sales have become the highest among Kpop girl groups.

Recently, aespa released their 2nd mini album “Girls”. According to Hanteo Chart, “Girls” recorded a total of 806,891 copies sold (all versions combined) within the first day of release. This is a record-breaking number for Kpop girl groups. 

aespa girls

In particular, with the 1st day sales of “Girls”, aespa has become the Kpop female group with the highest physical sales within the first week. Previously, BLACKPINK was the owner of this title, with their 2020 album “The Album” selling 589,310 copies within the first đay, and 689,066 copies within the first week. 

aespa girls
aespa in the MV for their latest title “Girls”

This achievement also makes aespa the best selling female Kpop artist in history within the first week – an amazing feat never achieved before by a 4th gen group. Previously, this record also belonged to a BLACKPINK member, Lisa, with her solo album “LALISA” boasting a first week sales of 736,221 copies


With such outstanding physical sales, aespa is now on par with top boy groups in terms of physical achievements. As of the moment, the girl group comes in 4th among Kpop groups with the highest first day sales, surpassed only by BTS, SEVENTEEN, and TXT. 


Prior to the release of “Girls”, aespa already became the Kpop girl group with the highest album pre-orders in history, marking a successful comeback 9 months after their first mini album “Savage”, which was released back in October 2021. 

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