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“BTS V and Park Seo-joon’s best friend” Peakboy’s sad confession “My mental state is quite unstable”

“Listen-Up” second round has begun, in which the fate of Kim Seung-soo, Peakboy and Doko, who are on the verge of being eliminated, will be determined.

KBS2’s producer battle program “Listen-Up“, which is scheduled to air on August 13th, depicts the second round battle with the “Music Time 24” mission in which special MC Hanhae and Dynamic Duo Gaeko select a time out of 24 hours to decorate stages and songs that match the sensibility of that time slot.

According to the first round’s final result last week, BIG Naughty (Seo Dong-hyun), Lee Dae-hwi, Pateko were in the hit zone, and Ryan Jhun, LAS, Jung Key, Paloalto were in the safe zone. 

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Besides, Kim Seung-soo (No.8), Peakboy (No.9) and Doko (No.10) were in the red zone, facing a crisis of elimination. In particular, as the rule of being eliminated if staying in the red zone for 2 consecutive times was revealed, Kim Seung-soo, Peakboy and Doko will play a bloody game to escape the red zone in this round.

Among them, Peakboy and Doko, who ranked 9th and 10th in the previous round, confess their burden of ranking, but prepare their secret weapons to escape the risk of being eliminated. Peakboy, along with Moon Su-jin, Chancellor and saxophonist Jason Lee, heralded a different mood with “Dot“, a song containing a lonely atmosphere just before 1 AM. Doko, who said “I don’t want to leave today”, directly casted UV (Muzie & Yoo Se-yoon) to aim for the public’s taste with the stage “Last Cheers” full of exciting energy. Attention is focused on the result of the two producers who present completely different songs and stages in the crisis of elimination.

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BIG Naughty (Seo Dong-hyun), who ranked first in the first round, chooses 3 AM and prepares the song “Lone Wolf” along with genius producer Dress, GOT7 JAY B, Skinny Brown and Kim Seung-min. His confidence towards winning is just brief as unexpected variables occur one day before the competition, raising questions about how BIG Naughty (Seo Dong-hyun) will complete the stage. On top of that, Lee Dae-hwi is said to have appealed to BIG Naughty (Seo Dong-hyun) by saying “I want to sing this song”, stimulating viewers’ curiosity.

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In addition, Jung Key and Mamamoo Solar’s “IMAGE” stage, which took first place in the one-minute expected score, as well as LAS’ “Where you at?” stage, which was made by adding real life experiences, were also heralded. LAS expressed their ambition, “We announced our identity in the first round. We’ll prove that we have popular appeal in the second round.” They raise viewers’ desire to watch the show by casting girl group Cherry Bullet. Viewers’ excitement is growing at the songs that will color “Listen-Up” in a variety of ways, including Lee Dae-hwi and singer Song Ha-yea’s second round mission song “Because It Hurts”, “STUPID L♡VE” where you can get a glimpse of Kim Seung-soo and girl group Weki Meki’s chemistry, “Just One Day” produced by Paloalto and sung by Baek A-yeon… In addition, Ryan Jhun will bring a new song called “LOCO” to the second round. The stage will be performed by Ren, who visits fans after a long time since NU’EST’s disbandment.

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Meanwhile, K-POP producers’ survival battle “Listen-Up” is broadcast every Saturday at 10:35 PM on KBS2, and producers’ new songs are released through various music sites at 6 PM on the same day.

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