The reason why Rosé (BLACKPINK) got criticized for supporting ‘Street Woman Fighter’ dancer Lee Jung

BLACKPINK Rosé has received criticism from netizens after uploading a cheering post for her friend Lee Jung, who is competing in “Street Woman Fighter”

They pointed out that celebrities should refrain from showing public support as the result of the competition depends on “public evaluation”. On October 12th, Rosé (BLACKPINK) wrote a message to support Lee Jung on her SNS and even tagged Lee Jung’s account.

She wrote, “Everyone, please press the like button for the video of my friend’s crew! They’re so cool. Remember to like the video. Lee Jung, you’re really cool” and attached the “Semi-Final – Man Of Women” Mission video by Lee Jung’s crew, YGX.


In response to Rosé’s supportive post, netizens raised mixed opinions. This is because the “Man Of Woman” Mission that Rosé mentioned is determined by the number of views and likes of each crew’s video. Therefore, Rosé, who has 47.8 million followers, has been criticized for showing public support that could violate the fairness of the competition as she could use her influence to make her followers watch and like YGX’s video.


A netizen said, “You’re so thoughtless. Do you really think that you don’t have a great influence?”. Another netizen also commented, “I don’t know if you just mean to say “fighting” and cheer for your friend after the broadcast. But isn’t it a big problem when a superstar interfere with the competition by asking people to ‘press the like button’ like this?”

On the other hand, many others believed the criticism towards Rosé was excessive. One netizen said, “Park Jae-beom and Chungha also posted supportive posts, but people only imposed strict standards on Rosé. Rosé’s support message for her friend is not enough to affect the fairness of the competition.”


In fact, according to the result counted until the “Street Woman Fighter” broadcast on October 12th, Lee Jung’s crew, YGX, ranked No.6 in the public voting ranking of the “Man Of Woman” Mission. Meanwhile, CocaNButter was in 5th place, LACHICA got 4th place, PROWDMON ranked 3rd place, HOOK ranked 2nd place, and the first place went to HOLYBANG.

The public voting was opened on October 11th and is still available until midnight on October 14th (0:00 on October 15th). The final ranking of the semi-final round will be determined by summing the result of the “Man Of Women” mission and the previous mission’s score. After the elimination is carried out, a total of four teams will advance to the final round.

Source: NewsMT

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