The intimacy between Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin sent the internet into frenzy amidst rumors of rivaling 

Selena and Hailey’s selfie at the Academy Museum Gala dispelled rumors of their feud. 

Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin had a complex relationship with the former being Justin Beiber’s former girlfriend and the latter his current wife, leading many to believe they were rivals in real life. However, in the latest podcast, Hailey stated the contrary that she and Selena did not have any feud and they both respected and cared for each other. Selena and Hailey also talked when Hailey got married to Justin. On the 17th of this month,  the selfie of the two swept through social media where Selena and Hailey posed together in front of the Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles, US.

selena gomez hailey bieber
These photos come across as a surprise for those not aware of their history. They are willing to look past their potential rivaling position and become sweet and close friends. 

The pair hugged lovingly and smiled in earnest while showing off their individual gorgeousness. It was said that they planned this meeting prior, proving that the singer and the model did not mind their history or despise each other due to their relationships to Justin. Currently, thousands of fans are taking to social media these stunning photos and applauded their civility. 

selena gomez hailey bieber
Hailey and Selena showed off their individual beauties alongside each other, hugging in earnest and showing their biggest smiles. 
selena gomez hailey bieber
The two boasted a sisterly bond. Baldwin previously affirmed she did not hold any grudge against Gomez. 

Source: K14

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