AOA Seolhyun showed off her sexy body during Bali trip

AOA Seolhyun still boasted a great body.

On the 18th, Seolhyun posted photos and videos taken while traveling on her Instagram.

He said, “I’ll take care of ‘Ahaa’ in Summer Country.” ‘Ahaaa’ is short for the original TV drama ‘Summer Strike ‘. 


It is a melodrama filmed by Seolhyun and actor Im Si-wan, originally based on a webtoon.

Seolhyun is promoting her work even when she is on holiday.


At the same time, the hot summer Bali scenery and her stylish style were revealed.

Seolhyun was sitting in a cafe wearing a mini skirt and enjoyed a beer.

Last November, Seolhyun signed an exclusive contract with Jeon Ji-hyun’s agency.

Source: wikitree

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