HYBE CEO confirms, “Rumors of BTS’s disbandment are not true”

HYBE’s CEO Park Ji-won denied rumors of BTS’s disbandment.

On June 15th, Park Ji-won, CEO of HYBE, sent an e-mail directly to all employees. He said, “The artists’ messages delivered through ‘BTS’s Dinner’ content on June 14th is that they want to expand the scope of their activities more diversely by combining team activities and individual activities for their continuous growth and maturity in the future”, referring to the current situation in which the content is being exaggerated and misinterpreted. He emphasized, BTS members are not considering disbanding the group at all, and there is also no plan for group disbandment.”


CEO Park continued, “The artists’ message about taking a short break from BTS’s group activities does not mean a complete suspension of activities”, adding, “Since group activities and individual activities will be carried out equally, the scope of activities is expected to expand more diversely, and this will be the opportunity for the members to grow and take a leap forward as an artist.”

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He said, “Each member’s individual activities have already been planned and are under development. They will be announced soon. Individual activities and group activities will be carried out in mutual synergy”, adding, “In the case of group activities, promotional activities for album ‘Proof’ are in full swing and additional group activity plans are also being developed.”

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He continued, signaling that both the artists and company aim to establish BTS as a “21st century pop icon”, “BTS has had periodic long-term breaks in the past, and through upcoming individual activities, each member will be able to have necessary rest and work time. We ask for a lot of support for Chapter 2 of BTS, which will go deeper.”


BTS announced that they plan to pause their group activities for the time being in order to prioritize solo activities in a video uploaded to their official YouTube channel on June 14th.

The announcement of a temporary suspension of group activities by BTS had a huge impact on the stock price of their agency HYBE. On June 15th, HYBE opened the market at 168,000 won, down 12.95 percentage points from the previous day’s closing price of 193,000, but the selling trend continued and it closed at 145,000 won.

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