BamBam (GOT7) speaks out against the controversy that Thai MC “flatters” Lisa, rejecting the success of her predecessors

Just because of a sentence that implied comparisons about Lisa and other Thai idols, the MC had to receive a “bitter” ending.

On September 11, Thai MC Moddam Kachapa was heavily criticized for the subjective assessments he made about Lisa (BLACKPINK)’s solo debut with LALISA. It is this MC’s one-sided assessment that has made fans of other Thai-born idols such as BamBam (GOT7) and Nichkhun (2PM) “furious”, many fans even asked this MC to give a public apology on television.

Specifically, in the program Chae Show aired on GMM 25 channel, Kachapa was discussing the release of Lisa’s solo album and suddenly said that he had “never seen a Thai superstar reach this far.

Thai MC made comments about Lisa on television

As soon as the show aired, Kachapa’s opinion about the youngest BLACKPINK’s member was controversial. Many fans of other popular Thai idols like Nichkhun, BamBam… thought that this MC’s statement was inappropriate because he gave the comparison between Thai artists in general and Thai idols operating in Korea in particular. Many people also believes that the MC’s statement means that BamBam and Nichkhun do not promote and propagate Thai images and culture in their music products and activities.

Fans think that MC Thai’s statement has a comparative meaning

Immediately, this controversy quickly exploded on Twitter. The fans together trended the hashtag, asking the MC to apologize and correct his comments that caused mixed opinions.

By September 12, the hashtag #BanModdam has reached more than 1.2 million tweets. The #BamBam is also trending with over 550k tweets and many other hashtags like #ApologizeToBamBam and #RespectBamBam are still being used by fans.

Hashtags #BanModdam and #BamBam are trending on Twitter

Seemingly realizing the controversy was breaking out, BamBam immediately took to Twitter and posted a tweet that comforted fans: “Don’t worry. There are still many people who have not recognized my efforts but you guys. Our fans understand and acknowledge it. That makes me extremely happy.”

Finally, after causing “turbulence”, MC Moddam Kachapa posted an apology photo on his Instagram account. But many fans still find this apology “meaningless and empty. They can’t accept it because this MC made a bad statement about their idol but only posted an apology on his personal social media account.

The Thai MC made an apology

It is still unclear what will happen regarding this MC’s future, fans are constantly calling for more drastic action from the station and the MC. However, in the midst of the controversy, many people still appreciate and recognize the talent and good relationship between Lisa, BamBam and Nichkhun.

Many people still appreciate the beautiful friendship between Lisa and BamBam…
.. as well as the good relationship between her and “Thai Prince” Nichkhun
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