BTS reveals new album’s promotion schedule… The title song is “Yet To Come”

BTS will make a comeback with the new album “Proof”. The title song is “Yet To Come”. The promotion schedule image was released on May 7th.

First, the new album’s tracklist will be opened from May 9th to May 11th. Then, the “Proof of Inspiration” content containing storytelling of the tracks will be presented from May 17th to May 23rd.


Proof” concept photos will be introduced one after another from May 28th. On June 8th, a teaser video for the music video of “Yet To Come” will be unveiled.


All the songs of “Proof” and the new music video will be released simultaneously worldwide on June 10th. “Proof” consists of a total of 3 CDs. It was filled with 3 new tracks, and songs containing BTS‘ history.

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