Top 2 visual goddesses of K-Pop 3rd generation in netizens’ eyes: YG is nowhere to be seen

The competition is between an SM and JYP contestant.

For many years, Korean netizens have been parts of many wars which were to decide the “goddess” title among idols. Apart from the outer appearance, the “goddess” in their eyes must have the perfect aura, fashion sense, and the ability to digest any kind of concept. In a discuss to find out the top visual of female idols’ 3rd generation, Korean netizens have finally decided on 2 strongest names.

The first one, is Red Velvet’s member – Irene.

Right from her debut days, Irene has been listed as one of SM’s top visuals, only behind YoonA of Girls’ Generation. Apart from her flawless, milky white skin, her facial features are soft and ethereal, especially when she is almost 30 years old but looks much younger than her real age.

It’s almost impossible to find a flaw on Irene’s face

Thanks to her visual, no matter what kind of concept Red Velvet is following – cute or sexy – Irene can do it all. This is the reason why she got all attention on her whenever she steps on stage.

Irene’s rival is no one else but Tzuyu of TWICE. Just like Red Velvet’s oldest member, Tzuyu has been named a “visual goddess” ever sincer her debut thanks to her exotic beauty which is different from other idols’ beauty standard.

Tzuyu’s face is not as sharp as Irene, but surrounding her is the aura of a royalty lady. Not just that, Tzuyu’s advantages lie in her physique which is an ideal height and slim waist. This is the reason why this TWICE’s member is chosen to be the new “visual goddess” of K-Pop by many.

Tzuyu has the perfect combination of both the royalty aura and perfect body.
Tzuyu has the perfect combination of both the royalty aura and perfect body.
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