The aces of BIG 4 idols BTS, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, ITZY all have this one thing in common

Now, fans don’t need to debate on the title of aces for their Kpop idol group anymore, this is a clear sign!

“Aces” is a vague concept in Kpop idol groups, especially for groups with many equally famous members. Not every ace is the center, but they act as the soul of each group. Determining who holds this responsibility is often difficult because this is not the official position appointed by the companies when the idol debuts. However, there is still a rule that makes netizens implicitly understand who holds this role. That was the first member whose debut teaser photos were published by the company.

In many cases, the first member introduced through a series of individual teaser photos is always considered an important factor contributing to shaping the audience’s impression of the group before debuting. So it’s usually someone who has great beauty, or exudes a particularly attractive aura, evoking a lot of excitement for Kpop fans. Over the past few years, the BIG 4 of the entertainment industry (SM, YG, JYP, HYBE) has almost all applied this formula.


The aces of BIG 4 idols
idol debut image
TXT – Yeonjun


idol debut image


idol debut image
EXO – Kai
idol debut image
SNSD – YoonA
idol debut image
f(x) – Sulli
idol debut image
NCT – Mark
idol debut image
Red Velvet – Seulgi
idol debut image
aespa – Winter


idol debut image
ITZY – Yeji

It can be seen that SM is the most loyal company with this teasing style in the entertainment industry. The debuts of generations of SM idol groups including SNSD, EXO, f(x), Red Velvet, NCT, aespa all opened with a group of real aces like YoonA, Kai, Sulli, Seulgi, Winter, etc. In addition, YG has Jennie (BLACKPINK), JYP has Yeji (ITZY) which are all famous female idols favored by the company. HYBE also shows its special taste when V (BTS) and Yeonjun (TXT) were both selected as representatives.

On social networks, netizens are not surprised to know that these faces are considered the “aces” for each group, because right from the teaser announcement stage, they are the ones who create a special impression in terms of appearance and aura.


Some comments:

  • Obviously whoever gets to publish the first photo is also the representative of the group.
  • Why is Kai so attractive?
  • Big Hit hid V before the group’s debut, making everyone think BTS only had 6 members. When it came time to release the teaser, V was the first to appear, making the fans go crazy. Top strategy!
  • Seulgi isn’t the prettiest in the group, but she’s extremely charismatic and talented!
  • Mark is my type, his vibe is very attractive to fan girls.
  • Because of Winter’s stage name, I thought aespa was a 4-season group..
  • Mark is really NCT’s ace. In the past, he was the initiator for NCT’s debut teaser, 5 years later he is still the opening person for NCT’s big music project. Mark Lee is forever amazing, humble, respectful and constantly rising!

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