IVE Praised for Live Vocals Amid Various Live-singing Controversies 

As other girl groups are shrouded in criticisms about poor live singing, IVE’s recent live performance garnered praise. 

In the evening of May 2, a topic titled “IVE’s live on M!Countdown” was published on the Korean forum Pann Nate. The topic, which has since garnered over 70,000 views, mentioned the recent live-singing in IVE’s performance on the music show “M!Countdown”. 

The author of the article praised Ahn Yujin and Liz specifically, but also admired the powerful voice carried by other members. 

ive m countdown

Under the comment section, various netizens also agree with the sentiment, leaving comments such as “Ahn Yujin’s ad-libs are refreshing”, “Was Leeseo always that good?”, “The live performance was truly great”, and “They really put in the effort”. 

On the other hand, some also expressed that after ILLIT and LE SSERAFIM’s live-singing controversies, the K-pop atmosphere will change with idols singing live and improving their vocals more. 

“Let’s be conscious and create an atmosphere where everyone practices singing. And I hope that the small and medium-sized idols who were previously good at live performances will take this opportunity to step up to the large and top-tier idols”, one comment said. 

Source: Pann Nate

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