“Now, We Are Breaking Up” falls into a slump in ratings despite Song Hye-kyo’s great acting skills

SBS’ drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, which drew attention for “box-office guarantee” Song Hye-kyo’s appearance, has fallen into a slump in ratings.

Now, We Are Breaking Up” recorded its lowest rating of 4.9% (based on Nielsen Korea) in the episode broadcast on Dec 24th. It kicked off smoothly with a good rating of 6.4% for episode 1 and 8.0% for episode 2, but the ratings fell gradually. Song Hye-kyo‘s performance was well received, but the success of her rival work was a negative factor.

Now, We Are Breaking Up falls into a slump in ratings

MBC’s “The Red Sleeve“, which aired at the same time, recorded its highest rating by achieving 14.3% on Dec 24th. At the time of episode 1’s airing, it fell behind “Now, We Are Breaking Up” with a rating of 5.7%, but later began to go viral after receiving favorable reviews for its excellent directing as well as the lead actor Lee Jun-ho‘s solid acting skills.

Now, We Are Breaking Up falls into a slump in ratings

The ratings of “The Red Sleeve” rose rapidly, which was opposite to “Now, We Are Breaking Up”. Eventually, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” gradually fell to the 4% range.

The rebound does not seem easy as it is just 3 episodes away from the end of “Now, We Are Breaking Up”. To make matters worse, it is expected that it will be more difficult for the ratings to rise as the Dec 31st broadcast of “Now, We Are Breaking Up” will be canceled due to the “2021 SBS Drama Awards“.


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