GOT The Beat made their comeback with “Stamp On It”: Low album sales and digital achievements signal a not-so-bright future for the group 

Despite improved music quality, GOT The Beat’s comeback was not much welcomed. 

On January 16th, GOT The Beat officially returned with the MV “Stamp On It” and the album of the same name. GOT The Beat includes: BoA, Taeyeon, Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation), Wendy, Seulgi (Red Velvet) and Karina, Winter (aespa).

“Stamp On It” MV – GOT the beat

“Stamp On It” was a dynamic R&B, hip-hop dance song incorporated with strong bass 808 and elegant piano melodies. The song was remarked to be much more catchy than their debut song, “Step Back.” Along with the members’ stunning visuals, the overall performance was good enough to make more success. Nonetheless, fan’s reception and statistics were not looking up for the group. 

In regards to album sales, GOT The Beat only reached 20 thousand pre-orders on Ktown4u, a low figure for a SM group. Compared to aespa’s latest album “Girls” with 232 thousand pre-orders or “The ReVe Festival 2022” with 231 thousand pre-orders, GOT The Beat was not doing too well. 

GOT The Beat’s new album only achieve one-tenths of the album figures of other SM girl groups

“Stamp On It” only ranked 20th on Bugs and 136 on Genie in its first hour of release. 

First-hour achievement on digital charts of “Stamp On It”
First-hour achievement on digital charts of “Stamp On It”

Several comments expressed their pessimistic view of the project: 

  • Fans do not seem to want to support the project anymore so they stop bying albums. 
  • It seems the members’ individual fan bases do not want them to work as GOT The Beat anymore. 
  • SM should focus more on the activities of each group rather that those of GOT The Beat. 
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