Not releasing new music for a year, BLACKPINK is still capable of winning this special award!

If this award existed, BLACKPINK would definitely be the winner.

Since “Lovesick Girls” came out more than a year ago, despite fans constantly asking for a comeback, BLACKPINK has yet to release any new music. However, the 4 members are still very active and make fans feel “dizzy” because their idols are like “ninjas”. They could be in Korea today but fly to the States or France the next day without anyone knowing.

For example, Lisa, there was no information and photos of her heading to the US. However, she has recently been confirmed to be in Los Angeles. Fans were taken aback when they saw Lisa appear in DJ Snake’s Instagram story. So the rumors of Lisa going to the States are actually true!

Lisa unexpectedly appeared on DJ Snake’s Instagram
She looks very cheerful 

In particular, besides the unexpected appearance in LA, Lisa’s new hair also fascinates her fans. The female idol dyed her hair pink for the first time after 5 years of debut. BLINKs have been “manifesting” pink hair Lisa for so long, and now it has finally become a reality!

Lisa’s outstanding pink hair

Not only Lisa, a few days earlier, Jennie was also spotted having fun at the music festival “Head In The Clouds 2021” taking place in LA. A day later, the female idol continued to become the focus of attention when she attended the LACMA Art + Film Gala with famous Hollywood and Korean actors.

Jennie unexpectedly had a trip to the US and showed up at HITC 2021 
A day later, she appeared with famous Hollywood and Korean stars at the LACMA Art + Film Gala 

Rosé, who appeared at the event of Saint Laurent’s flagship store in Seoul the day before, surprisingly updated that she had arrived in New York the next day.

Rosé flew to New York only a day after she attended an event in Seoul 

As if YG has the “Anywhere Door” from Doraemon that helps BLACKPINK members miraculously stay away from paparazzis. Some fans even joke that even when BLACKPINK does not release new music, they can still win this special award: The idol group that travels abroad most often in 2021!

Some comments from netizens:

  • Did YG open the back door to America without anyone knowing?
  • At the end of this year, BLACKPINK will still win an award even though they have not come back yet. The award for the Kpop group that travelled abroad the most this year.
  • These days, our idols have turned into ninjas. They kept flying to America without anyone knowing.
  • Fans can only know their whereabouts from Instagram. This minute they were here but the next one they were somewhere else.
  • One thing that people don’t know is that YG just bought Doraemon’s anywhere door for BLACKPINK. That’s the reason why no one knew when the girls went to the US. 
  • This is the group that goes abroad the most this year.


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