Why does Lee Min Ho firmly deny his relationship with Yeon Woo?

There are many reasons why it is difficult for Lee Min Ho to publicize his relationship with Yeon Woo, although it is possible that the two are actually getting to know each other.

On August 30, Dispatch caused a stir in Kbiz when releasing a series of “dating proof” photos between actor Lee Min Ho and former Momoland member Yeon Woo. According to Dispatch’s source, the two have been dating for 5 months, developing a relationship from a common hobby of playing games. Dispatch caught Lee Min Ho coming to pick up Yeon Woo to go to the movies at night. This news site also hunted photos that are said to be Yeon Woo walking to Lee Min Ho‘s apartment (5 minutes walk from her house) to celebrate her birthday with her boyfriend on the evening of July 31 (Yeon Woo‘s birthday on August 1).

Why does Lee Min Ho firmly deny his relationship with Yeon Woo?

Responding to this information, Lee Min Ho‘s management company denied it, asserting that the two artists are just friends. Lee Min Ho‘s representative said that the actor came to pick Yeon Woo to go to the movies, not on a date, and they were hanging out with a group of friends (including Lee Min Ho, Yeon Woo, and 2 others). In the face of the controversy about Lee Min Ho‘s violation of the regulations on distance and gathering of more than 3 people, the management company continued to assert that the outing took place on July 1, that is before the above rule was approved. apply.

On the side of MLD Entertainment, this company replied vaguely, “It is difficult to verify the dating rumors because Yeon Woo is filming.”

The “crazy” reaction from Lee Min Ho‘s side and the vague announcement from Yeon Woo‘s side caused controversy among netizens: Are these two really dating? Why did Lee Min Ho insist on denying it even though he was “caught” on a night out with Yeon Woo? Here are some possible reasons for this situation analyzed by iOne:

1. Lee Min Ho and Yeon Woo have just started dating and they don’t want to publicize the relationship yet

This is very likely to happen. Lee Min Ho has twice publicly announced his girlfriend, and many times caught up with dating rumors, proving that he is not a person with a private life that is easy to hide. During a movie meeting with a group of friends on July 1, Min Ho dressed very simply and comfortably, this detail shows that his relationship with Yeon Woo is quite close, not formal. However, Yeon Woo did not sit in the passenger seat next to Lee Min Ho but went around to open the car door behind. It is possible that the two have known each other for a while through mutual friends, and are in the budding stage of emotional development, so it is not possible to confirm dating.

2. Not Lee Min Ho but… a friend of the actor who is dating Yeon Woo

This hypothesis is not without reason. One of the popular dating forms of Kbiz stars is… group gatherings. Industry insiders once explained that going with a group of friends will help couples hide their relationship, both being able to meet each other, and not be afraid of the press. In Lee Min Ho‘s case, maybe Yeon Woo isn’t dating him, but rather… a friend of the actor, for example. When increasing the screen brightness of the photo, we will see a young man in a white shirt, wearing a mask sitting in the passenger seat next to Lee Min Ho. This is most likely the dating object of Yeon Woo. For this reason, the agency representing Lee Min Ho‘s side denied such “lightning speed”. That is also the reason that Yeon Woo‘s side has a vague response, “not denying, nor confirming”.

Why does Lee Min Ho firmly deny his relationship with Yeon Woo?

3. Lee Min Ho is worried about Yeon Woo’s career

Hypothetically, if the two are really dating, but Lee Min Ho still doesn’t want to make it public, it could be because he is worried about Yeon Woo‘s career. At the age of 34, Lee Min Ho has experienced many times of having his relationships exposed to the public. Therefore, his image and career will certainly not be affected much if he is involved in another dating news. Meanwhile, Yeon Woo is still a young actress. She has not starred in any outstanding work after leaving Momoland. If the dating news is confirmed, Yeon Woo will likely become the target of netizens’ malicious comments. In the Korean entertainment industry, female celebrities always suffer more compared to male celebrities every time a romantic relationship is exposed. Thus, in order to protect their relationship and Yeon Woo, Lee Min Ho could be insisting on denying the dating report to prevent possible troubles from happening to his girlfriend.

4. Lee Min Ho’s agency considers Yeon Woo ‘unworthy’

Previously, Lee Min Ho‘s girlfriends that he dated publicly were all popular female stars, such as Suzy and Park Min Young. The actor also used to be involved in dating rumors with many stunning actresses, such as Park Shin Hye, Kang Min Kyung (Davichi), Yoon Ina, Kim Go Eun… Therefore, Lee Min Ho dating Yeonwoo, a former idol whose popularity cannot be compared to the above actresses could be disappointing for many people. Most typical fans’ reactions would be “why are you dating an idol”, “you should date an actress who matches your age”. Yeon Woo was born in 1996. She is still very young and has just started her acting career. She is probably not yet ready for a committed long-term relationship with Lee Min Ho. With a girlfriend like Yeonwoo, Lee Min Ho‘s agency probably just wanted to deny the dating news to avoid any further troubles, because they might think that this relationship would not… last long anyway.

Why does Lee Min Ho firmly deny his relationship with Yeon Woo?
Why does Lee Min Ho firmly deny his relationship with Yeon Woo?

5. MLD Entertainment’s publicity stunt

Another theory is that Yeon Woo and Lee Min Ho are just friends, but Yeon Woo’s agency MLD intentionally responded vaguely to take advantage of the popular male actor’s fame. It is not impossible that the MLD actually “leaked” information for Dispatch to stalk Yeon WooLee Min Ho.

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