This “The Heirs” actress reported happy news after disappearing for a long time 

Actress Lim Ju Eun, who made her name known through the K-drama “The Heirs”, reported an exciting news. 

lim ju eun

Actress Lim Ju Eun has reportedly signed an exclusive contract with talent agency IHQ. In particular, on November 16th, IHQ announced, “We are happy to be with Lim Ju Eun, who has strengthened her acting skills step by step, starting with a supporting role. Lim Ju Eun has stood out in each of her works and has shown her mastery when it comes to acting. In the future, we will fully support her so that she can focus on her acting in a stable environment.”

lim ju eun

Lim Ju Eun debuted as an actress in the 2006 movie ‘Wonderful Hill’. She later made her face known through the MBC drama “Merry Mary”, and later on in 2009, won Best New Actress at the MBC Drama Awards. 

In the SBS K-drama “The Heirs”, which recorded viewership ratings over 20%, Lim Ju Eun portrayed a sad love story and drew favorable reviews from viewers. In the MBC historical drama “Empress Ki’”, she drew attention for her role as the villainous character, Bayan Khutugh. She also appeared in the Channel A drama “Lie After Lie”. 

lim ju eun

Regarding her new exclusive contract, Lim Ju Eun said, “I’m happy to start anew at IHQ, which has a professional system.”

Attention is being focused on what kind of synergy Lim Ju Eun, who has not been active since 2020, will have with IHQ.

lim ju eun

IHQ is the home to various famous actors and actresses, including Jang Hyuk, Kim Hye Yoon, Park Seon Ho, Son Jun Ho, Lee Hoon, Jin Yi Han, Hwang Seon Hee, Jung Min Seong, and Lee Su Ji. In addition, IHQ is operating four cable channels: IHQ, IHQ drama, IHQ Show, and SandBox+, as well as the OTT short-form platform “babayo”, which has been successful.

Source: wikitree

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