The first openly LGBTQ Kpop group made their debut

Lionesses, who announce they are the first openly LGBTQ+ boy group in the history of Kpop, recently debuted with the song “Show Me Your Pride”.

On November 1, Lionesses released their first song “Show Me Your Pride”. With a vibrant melody, the inspirational track carries a strong message about the struggle of LGBTQ+ people in daily life, including coming out, the difficulty of facing stigma and discrimination in Korea and the loneliness before finding their “own community”.

In the MV for “Show Me Your Pride”, the members of Lionesses wear masks almost throughout the entire video. At the end of the MV, a member decides to take off his mask and reveal his identity. “Show me your pride. Because you are the one who shines like stars,” the group leaves a slogan in the description of the MV.


In an interview with TW News, leader Bae Dam Jun said that the main keyword of “Show Me Your Pride” is the affirmation “This is who we are”. The group’s name means “the lionesses of the steppe”. “We tend to think that the carnivore at the top of the food chain in the African ecosystem, which we often see through the media, is the male lion with the thick bushy mane. But the ruler of the plains is actually the lioness. It’s a group of lionesses in charge of the hunting of the troop”, Bae explained the meaning behind the group’s name.


Bae believes that when queer people fight against discrimination in the society, they may face problems beyond their control. Lionesses’ music aims to convey the message: “When you face a challenge that seems insuperable, we will become your own community. Together, we can overcome difficulties”.

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